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Eyes of Death are online play items in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Online play item. Lure phantoms from other worlds. (Only Covenanter can use the item while Hollows cannot)
The dreadful Eyes of Death spread disaster across neighboring worlds. Phantoms lured to the host world may end up as victims, allowing the Eyes of Death to multiply, and leading to further proliferation of bane.


General information[]

Eye of death effect

A Gravelord Servant using an Eye of Death.

Given to the Gravelord Servant to rank up while in the Gravelord Servant covenant. While an Eye of Death is active, visible black energy will begin emanating from the player.

When using Eye of Death (must be unhollowed) a summon sign will appear in the worlds of the three victims. The three victims may invade the world of the Gravelord Servant all at once. The host will receive one Eye of Death for each invader killed.

Upon death of the Gravelord Servant, the message "Disasters are gone after the defeat of the Gravelord Servant" will appear for victims.