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Equip Load is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II.


Equip load is the maximum weight that can be equipped. Roll and Backstep distance is reduced as the Equip Load percentage is increased.

Equip Load applies to all types of worn items, such as weapons, armor and shields. The heavier an item is, the more it encumbers the player. Weapons with a higher weight value tend to have more base damage, and heavier armor pieces tend to have more physical defense and Poise.

Maximum Equip Load and Equip Load Tiers[]

Maximum Equip Load is determined by the Vitality stat and determines how greatly the weight of the currently equipped weapon and armor affect movement and roll speed. It determines the distance Rolls and Backsteps the player does will travel as well as their stamina regeneration and fall damage.

When the player's total Equip Load reaches 70%, the player's roll will become shorter, slower, and with higher ending lag.

At 100% Equip Load, the player may no longer roll, run or backstep.

When 120% is reached, the player may only walk very slowly, as running is now impossible, and back-stepping or roll attempts will result in short stagger.

At 0%, the players regenerate 51.9 Stamina per second. Stamina Regeneration Chart[1]:

Stamina Regen Penalty

Roll and backstep distances are decreased in a linear fashion.

Items affecting Maximum Equip Load[]

Bonuses to Maximum Equipment Load are always cumulative, meaning the percentage influences the total Maximum Equip Load, including any items increasing it already equipped.


  • The damage bonus granted by Flynn's Ring is reduced if the player has more than 60 max equip load, meaning a character with a high Maximum Equip load will gain very little bonus damage.