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Endurance is a stat in Dark Souls III.


Endurance governs the player's overall stamina, flat defense against lightning damage and resistance to bleed build-up. Leveling up Endurance will raise the player's stamina by 1 - 3 points up until 40, which is the softcap. At 40 points or greater, 5 or more levels will have to be invested into the stat to receive additional points in stamina.

Stamina is needed to perform various actions in the game, such as guarding, attacking, casting various spells, running, jumping, and dodging, to name a few. Once a player's stamina is exhausted, they will be unable to perform actions until it regenerates. Attempting to perform any actions after stamina is depleted will delay the rate at which it begins to regenerate.

Players that guard against attacks will eventually have their guard broken once their stamina is depleted, resulting in them staggering back and being prone to a critical attack.

Various items and equipment found throughout the game can improve stamina regeneration or hamper it. Such items include Green Blossoms, the Grass Crest Shield, the Chloranthy Ring, and the Greatshield of Glory.

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