Elder Ghrus are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Giant beasts that tower over the player, Elder Ghrus are possibly evolved versions of the creatures inhabiting the swamp. They wield uprooted trees as melee weapons that create dark energy blasts with every swing.


Found sporadically throughout the farther reaches of the poison swamp in the Farron Keep, near the Keep Ruins bonfire, culminating with a small congregation of three of them guarding a Poison Gem.


Due to the hindered movement in deep water, it is strongly advised to fight these enemies on dry land, as the reduced mobility makes evading their attacks much tougher. One should try and lure it onto one of the "islands" that have fires burning on them.

Whilst the dark projectiles cause little damage individually, they can be potentially fatal if the player has been injured by a melee attack, and also cause a brief stun effect.

Surprisingly fast despite their size, Elder Ghrus do have difficulty turning, so if the player stands behind them, they can avoid most of their attacks, although the projectiles are still a threat.

Ranged weapons can be used to lure Elder Ghrus away from other enemies and this is strongly advised if the player wishes to obtain the Pharis's Hat and Black Bow, as they must defeat three of these beasts to receive the items.


Item Ember
Heavy Gem
Heavy Gem
Poison Gem
Poison Gem
Black Bow of Pharis (DSIII)
Black Bow of Pharis
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? Guaranteed
(dropped by one of the trio)
Item Stone Greatshield (DSIII)
Stone Greatshield
Pharis's Hat (DSIII)
Pharis's Hat
Drop Rate ??? Guaranteed
(dropped by one of the trio)



  • If the player manages to drop from a floor above and land on the Elder Ghru's head (not necessarily requiring to perform a plunging attack), it will stagger and become open for a critical attack.


  • Concept art for this monster refers to it as "Dirty Beast".
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