Dyna & Tillo's Nest
"You! You! Give us smooth!"
"Yes! You! Give us silky!"
— Dyna & Tillo

Dyna & Tillo are characters in Dark Souls II. They are similar to Snuggly the Crow from Dark Souls in that the player can exchange items with them.


They are located in Things Betwixt, on a ledge to the left when the player reaches the end of the path of the first tree. There's also a ladder that can be dropped to provide a shortcut directly up to their ledge.


Dyna and Tillo do not offer fixed rewards for specific items like Snuggly the Crow did in Dark Souls, but instead will randomly select a reward based on the "quality" of the item traded.

In order to exchange items with them, one must drop an item in the nest by using the "leave" option in the menu and wait for a response. If they say "You, you. Not like that... No, you, not at all." then the item dropped is untradable.

When a tradable item is dropped they will respond with "Yah, yah. So nice, so smooth... Yah, yah. Silky smooth." and the trade will be complete (there's no need to restart the game or rest at the bonfire). Multiple items can be traded at once without leaving the menu but must be dropped one by one rather than in stacks.

Dark Souls II - Dyna & Tillo Item Trading-2

Dark Souls II - Dyna & Tillo Item Trading-2

Acceptable items for tradeEdit

Lowest quality itemsEdit

These items will only result in the lowest quality rewards.

Low quality itemsEdit

These items most often will yield a reward of low rarity, but can result in medium or rare rewards.

Medium quality itemsEdit

These items have a higher chance of better rewards than low quality items.

High quality itemsEdit

Trading these items will always yield a rare item.

Lowest quality rewardsEdit

Low/medium quality rewardsEdit

High quality rewardsEdit


  • Equipping gear or using items that raise item discovery won't have any effect in the quality of returns while trading with Dyna and Tillo.


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