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For the Dark Souls III variant, see Kite Shield.

The Drangleic Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Captain Drummond's shield. Even with its embossing terribly worn, this shield exudes pride and authority.
An heirloom passed from grandfather to father, and then from father to son. Drummond, and those before him, held this shield when facing those who would threaten their great land.


Found on a corpse that is laying down on a ledge after the Pursuer boss fight. Reaching the corpse will require the player to jump down from a large hole on the ground and then down a few ledges.


The Drangleic Shield has the potential to be a reliable shield for those that can wield it effectively, as it boasts a high strength requirement as well as a high amount of weight for a medium shield. Its elemental defenses are average in general, but its resistance to auxiliary effects (Poison, Bleed, Petrification and Curse) is underwhelming, making it a poor choice for blocking any auxiliary effect with some efficiency.

Nonetheless, it will still most likely be the first shield with a maxed out physical damage resistance the player will find, and as such, it is a must for anyone who doesn't have one with such characteristics. The shield also boasts very high stability for a medium shield, which makes it very useful for fighting enemies that only deal physical damage and for fighting bosses.


  • The Royal Kite Shield is a bit better in most aspects compared to this shield, since it weighs less and has a lower strength requirement. The only advantage the Drangleic Shield shield holds over the Royal Kite Shield is that it can be found very early in the game (directly after the Pursuer boss fight), while the Royal Kite Shield requires one to speak with Steady Hand McDuff at the Lost Bastille and have the Dull Ember in their inventory upon doing so.

Additional information[]

  • Prior to Calibrations 1.15, the Drangleic Shield's magic damage reduction was much lower than its current value.