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Drangleic Castle is a location in Dark Souls II.


Drangleic Castle was the central point and seat of power of Drangleic during the empire's height. King Vendrick and his queen, Nashandra, ruled Drangleic from here until the outbreak of the undead curse.

Adjacent locations[]


  • King's Gate: After entering Drangleic Castle, run along the right staircase and go through the door, open the door on the right side of the room. Descend the ladder and enter through two sets of blue doors, the bonfire will be in front of you after the second door.
  • Forgotten Chamber: After passing through the room with the picture of Nashandra that curses you, climb two sets of stairs to a small enclosure with a Royal Swordsman on it. Descend the nearby ladder and circle around to the next side of the structure. Interact with the wall to remove the illusory wall and discover this bonfire.
  • Under Castle Drangleic: From the King's Gate bonfire, in the large room, go to the far back left door and open it by slaying a Stone Soldier near it. Drop down the hole inside and this bonfire should be in plain view.
  • Central Castle Drangleic: After defeating the Dragonriders, this bonfire is a short way down the hallway, opposite the doorway entered from.


King's Passage[]

The King's Passage is an adjoining area of Drangleic Castle. When the undead curse started to become uncontrollable, King Vendrick fled through this passage and never returned. At one time, it served as a trial for aspiring heroes, now it holds only death as the Looking Glass Knight is tasked with destroying all who attempt to gain passage.

Throne of Want[]

The Throne of Want is an area separated from Drangleic Castle by a King's Gate. It houses the true throne of Drangleic, and all those who gain the right to sit upon it know true power.






  • Drangleic Castle's spire can be seen from Majula.