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"What makes a king? Some say that it is birthright, while others call it destiny. Perhaps it is not important, as long as the king's name serves to unite his people. "
King's Crown

Drangleic Castle.

Drangleic (ドラングレイグ) is a location in Dark Souls II. Drangleic is the region where the events of Dark Souls II take place.


The region of Drangleic is geographically defined by natural barriers: to the north stretches a vast coastline[1] while the other three sides are surrounded by mountains[2].

Far in the north of Drangleic, beyond the great sea, there is an unexplored continent where the race of the giants lives[1]. To the east, Drangleic borders with the kingdom of Mirrah[3] while in the distant east the land of Jugo[4] and the ruins of the kingdom of Forossa are located[5]. To the northeast, Drangleic borders with the frozen ruins of the kingdom of Eleum Loyce[6]. To the west, Drangleic borders with the city of Volgen[7]. To the south, Drangleic borders with the kingdom of Melfia[8] while in the distant south the land of Lanafir is located[9].


Drangleic's Rise[]

Shield of Want

The coat of arms of Drangleic with the heralds of the twelve subjugated kingdoms below.

The kingdom of Drangleic was founded by Vendrick when, together with his older brother Aldia[10] and his mighty army, he invaded and trampled the domains belonging to the Old Iron King[11], the ruins of previous realms and the surrounding lands, uniting the inhabitants of the region and raising up his great country with them[12].

Vendrick was the leader of a people of skilled warriors whose cavalry did not employ ordinary horses but instead rode wyrms, a race of land wyverns[13]. Those who fought on the backs of these creatures had the title of Dragonriders, but their rank was obtained only by the strongest. Vendrick was a leader close to his soldiers and he liked simple and honest warriors that relied only on their own brute strength[14]and consequently he formed his army so that they did not depend on sorceries or miracles but on physical abilities alone. Even before they could aspire to ride wyrms, Vendrick's warriors had to learn to wield great bows that required inhuman strength just to merely draw them and great skill to shot[15]. In order to then become fully-fledged Dragonriders, these knights were called to tame their wyrms and those who were not able to handle them were torn apart and devoured by the creatures[13]. But those who emerged victorious could boast a deific strength and so Vendrick's knights, together with their wyrms and halberts imbued with magic[16], became feared on the battlefield [17].

15971548456 402a88efc4 o

A Dragonrider that served under King Vendrick.

Once his Dragonrider knights had finished serving in the campaigns that had unified Drangleic and helped found the kingdom of Vendrick, he rewarded his faithful warriors by granting them to serve as his royal guard[12]. The king organized his army with a few simple ranks like the Royal Guards, Royal Knights, Royal Soldiers and Royal Infantry. Vendrick gave great importance to his army, including even simple infantry in the ranks of "Royal Army", and equipping each individual soldier with equipment constructed by the royal blacksmiths from high quality materials[18] and armor with a design inspired by a brave knight from an old legend[19], obtaining immense loyalty from his soldiers, which did not relent even when they became hollows[18]. The king would also reward those among his soldiers who would distinguish themselves with magical rings capable of increasing the weight of the equipment they could carry, as proof of their meritorious deeds[14]. Velstadt and Raime, two distinguished knight, became the left and right arms of Vendrick[20]. Raime followed his lord because he sought a great strenght and found it in the regal father figure of the king[21], while Velstadt gave himself in both life and death to his lord[22] because when he arrived in Drangleic he had been reduced to a shadow of his former self and had lost everything including even including the reason why he had abandoned his land[23]. Velstadt also became the leader of the elite knights and soldiers that guarded the Royal Castle[24] and were equipped with refined shields and armors created by the blacksmith of the castle[25][26].

King's Crown

Vendrick's crown.

As the King of Drangleic, Vendrick proved himself a fair and just monarch, who expected the same behavior from his subjects that he trusted and rewarded according to their loyalty and deeds[27]. Thanks to his growing power and his army, Vendrick transformed the kingdom into a prosperous and influential nation to the point of making himself known as "the one that ruled over the world of man"[28][29]. Having obtained total political dominion over the lands that made up Drangleic, Vendrick left the already existing religious institutions and their traditions untouched[30]. The king had a lukewarm opinion of their holy powers and the clerics were kept at a distance from the royal court, preserving their positions only for ceremony and as they were inherited from the past but without giving them opportunities to increase their power[31].

Vendrick influence was so great that at some point he ordered his chancellor to hire a craftsman from Mirrah who knew how to manufacture the "geisteel" alloy produced in that country and thus gain an advantage for his army. Wellager managed to bring the artisan Llewellyn with him thanks to an immense salary, thus stealing the secret of the alloy of Mirrah[32]. Llewellyn became the castle's resident master smith and began working for Vendrick, distinguishing himself for his lack of ostentation and focus on simplicity and sturdyness[33]. Forging armors that combined lightness and strenght only for a selected few[33], including the chancellor himself and shields[34] and a long dagger for the king himself that he then gifted to his Chancellor[32].

The artisans and blacksmiths of Vendrick even studied the advanced metallurgical technologies of the fallen civilization of Heide to try to replicate the composition of their mysterious alloy and, even if they failed, their attempt to imitate it resulted in a similar bradden steel[35] This fine alloy was forged from ores that were mined in the south of the kingdom and were used widely, in particular to craft armors that provides a sturdy defense with the design of the ancient elite knights of Astora[36]. The king also continued to be interested in sorcery, coming into possession of magic from Melfia like Soul Greatsword and rediscovering ancient ones from Olaphis like Soul Bolt[37]. Vendrick also showed interest in the history of the kingdoms before his own, collecting different types of Golems created by different civilizations throughout the history of Drangleic like the Old Knights of Heide, the Ruin Sentinels from Olaphis, the Belfry Gargoyles from Venn, the Manikins from Earthen Peak and the Old Ironclad Soldiers from the Iron Keep[38].

Drangleic's Curses[]


Nashandra becomes the Queen of Drangleic.

At a certain point Nashandra, a woman of extreme beauty, arrived in Drangleic from a foreign country all by herself and entered Vendrick's good graces by becoming his consort[39]. The woman warned the king that beyond the Northern Sea there was a country of Giants, creatures that possessed souls of immense power and that apparently presented an impeding threat to his kingdom[39][40]. However, the danger to the kingdom was not the only information that interested Vendrick who must have been aware of the curse of Undeath and wished to acquire more and more power and to seek the Fire[41]. The king was thus seduced by Nashandra's words and, following her advice, he gathered an army and crossed the sea to the north in an effort to subjugate the Giants and claim their souls for his own[40][39]. When Vendrick landed on the land of the Giants he waged a brutal war against them, slaughtering, pillaging and conducting every act of barbarism with Nashandra at his side[39][42]. Once his army "triumphed" in subjugating his enemies, they returned to Drangleic with a number of captive Giants and an immense number of souls as their prize[39][42][43].

Studying the inhuman creatures and experimenting on them and their souls and also thanks to the studies on artifacts from older kingdoms, Vendrick and Aldia were thus able to understand the process of creation of the golems[42][44], creating Golems very similar in appearance to the captured giants. As proof of his gratitude and affection for Nashandra, Vendrick made her his Queen and, using the golems, he built his Royal Castle as proof of his power in a specific point that the queen had indicated to him[44]. Right under the royal castle there was in fact the ancient Throne of Want[45], an artifact capable of connecting to the First Flame[46][47], the source of souls and beginning of it all that the king was seeking[48]. Studying the First Flame and the profound mysteries of the soul together with his brother Aldia, the king came to a very high understanding of the history of the world and the rules of reality, understanding how the Flame brought Disparity and everything from it, propagating souls in the world every time someone linked it, giving it new strength. He also understood how the Dark was kept under control as long as the fire flourished and that once it naturally weakened the curse would strike humans again[49][50].

Vendrick Throne of Want

Vendrick discovers the Throne of Want.

Thanks to this discovery Vendrick became the monarch who came closest to becoming a true "King" and turning his wants into reality[51], as the one who would have access to the primordial Flame and its power could decide the fate of the world, either by linking it and becoming a Lord of Cinder to prolong the state of the world or refusing this fate and leading the world to darkness as a Dark Lord[52][47]. Vendrick, however, never made either decision and continued to reign over Drangleic. Both he and his brother were not convinced by the two possible choices and, anchored to the illusion of the form that life had during the Age of Fire, they looked for a way to maintain it, searching for a way to free humans from the curse of Undeath and breaking the seal of fire that imprisoned them[53][54]. As he deepened his knowledge of souls and curses, Vendrick continued to effectively reign over Drangleic, protecting the country from any external threats[55]. Nashadra, as his Queen, helped bring peace to the kingdom, a peace that was so profound that it reminded humans of the Dark from which they came.[56]. Furthermore, from the day the king returned from his incursion into the land of the Giants, a dark shadow gradually covered the king's expression[57] and even his vassals could notice a change in his character[42].

The king of Drangleic became interested in the fate of other rulers of the past who might have found themselves in a situation similar to his and undertook expeditions on the ruins of the Brume Tower, Shulva and Frozen Eleum Loyce[58], however later deciding to leave those lands cursed by several catastrophes, partially withdrawing his forces and sealing access thanks to magical altars[59][60].

SotFS LGKnight

The trial to test those aspiring to join the guard of Vendrick.

With the new knowledge gained from his research on giants, the king also realized a particular golem in the form of the Looking Glass Knight with the purpose of using it as a ritual trial for those among his brave knights that wanted to become a part of his royal guards[61]. This knight awaited his challengers in the King's Passage, the route taken by those that wanted to prove themselves[62], and was equipped with armor with high lightning defense[61], a thorned greatsword[63] and a mirror that was able to deflect spells and summon warriors from other times and worlds[64]. Similar to his army's trials before the conquest of Drangleic, those who failed in overcoming the Looking Glass Knight were simply killed by the golem as sacrifices[61].

While Vendrick made Drangleic prosper, his older brother Aldia never took an interest in the political affairs of the kingdom he had helped found[10], preferring to remain in his mansion and dedicating himself to research into the truths of the world. He attracted the greatest mind of the kingdom at his keep to help with his studies and strange rituals[65]. However, his research, motivated by a boundless desire to understand life, began to take a dark turn, leading him to create blasphemous spells with a will of their own that chased their enemies, a clear characteristic of the darkness[66]. He also created excessively destructive pyromancies just to test the limits of the power of the chaos through rituals[67] and sorceries that increased the magic imbued in a body well beyond their limits damaging the life of the caster[68].

His studies soon turned on humans too and his acolytes would use every sort of instruments of dissection to open up the body of their victims in their researches[10] and their works involved dark rituals with human sacrifices[65]. Those who were invited to his mansion would soon become the subjects of unspeakable deeds that resulted in magical rings that turned the life of the wearer into powerful magic[69], monstrous creatures like the Ogres[70] or deformed and malformed abominations[71], clear examples of how Aldia was trying to mix different life forms and push the biology and souls of every creature that ended up under him to the limit, without any ethical limits and driven only by his desire for knowledge. Lord Aldia continued his twisted researches and even went so far as to experiment directly on citizens of Drangleic who were starting to become undead. In his attempts to uncover the secrets of life he came to view the undead as the key to this mystery[71] and to understand how souls could maintain life he infused corpses with them, leaving these people horribly disfigured as a result of the unspeakable procedures that lead them to remain barely sustained by unstable and highly-volatile souls[72]. Aldia, in his obsession with the Darksign, went so far as to carry out atrocious experiments to try to free humans from their seal. The result was the Forlorn, beings that lost both their corporeal form and a world to call their own, remaining simply ghosts who ended up spreading in a Drangleic where time began to stagnate. The separation from the body also deprived them of their consciousness, leaving them only to wander[73][74].

SotFS AncientDragon

Aldia creates an artificial Ancient Dragon.

Having accumulated immense knowledge thanks to his vast and twisted experiments, Aldia decided to direct his research towards a goal that he believed would allow him to overcome the curse of undeath and achieve immortality: to infuse the qualities of the primordial everlasting dragons into humans, to free them from the shackles of their fleeting form and trascend, like the followers of the Dragon Remnants were trying to do using stones infused with the power of the dragons[75][76][77]. The scholar obtained some of the Giants that his brother had captured and kept them in his manor as experimental subjects in an attempt to use their bodies and souls to recreate a dragon, only producing creatures with bones resembling draconic features that were killed once they had outlived their usefulness[78]. His efforts, however, did not stop and he continued to experiment on humans to turn them into half-dragons, transforming them into undead aberrations with deformed skulls that became close to those of the dragons but still degraded into hollows[79][80].

After continuous failures he finally succeeded in a feat bordering on the impossible: creating an Ancient Dragon. Using a Petrified Dragon Bone found on the fossilized corpse of a dragon discovered deep within the mines of Tseldora, a Giant Soul[81], and knowledge on how souls and golems gained through decades of study, Aldia artificially created a dragon, giving it a great soul to power it as a construct[82] and the fake memories of one of the authentic creatures that dated directly to the Age of Ancients[83][84]. The last goal to be achieved was to finally transfer the immortality of the primordial dragons to a human being and therefore Aldia continued his project by artificially contriving Shanalotte as a daughter of dragons[85][86]. However, she was not deemed a success by the scholar either because she was unable to maintain a sufficiently humanoid form or because she was unable to overcome the chains of the Dark Sign. In the end, despite the immense resources, research, sacrifices, time and horrors committed to try to overcome the curse of humans, Aldia failed.

15884662447 de1c1b65a1 o

The Dragon Shrine behind Aldia's Keep.

In the mountains east of Drangleic, Aldia also created the Dragon Aerie to raise hundreds of wyverns under the control of his spells[87]. The Dragon Shrine was also built at the center of the wyverns' nest, as a site of worship for the Ancient Dragon and where members of the Dragon Remnants and those who venerated the dragons and attempted to transform to obtain their immortality and transcend human existence were welcomed, also collecting artifacts such as the Petrified Egg to study dragon biology[88][89]. After the king's brother had developed the nest to raise the creatures the Dragonriders of Vendrick's royal guard stopped riding the obsolote wyrms and moved on to creatures closer to the ancient dragons[90].

Drangleic's Fall[]

SotFS GiantKing

The Giants invade Drangleic to get their revenge.

One day the peace of the kingdom ended when on the northern shores of Drangleic, an army of Giants led by the Giant Lord landed to invade the land of humans, moved only by a burning desire to take revenge for the atrocities suffered at the hands of Vendrick[42][91].

Sir Syan, the king's most faithful knight, as soon as he learned of the invasion, volunteered to lead the vanguard of the army to give his lord time to mobilize a sufficient number of soldiers to respond to the attack. However they were slaughtered without honor by the enemies infinitely stronger than them[92]. The sacrifice of Syan and his party, however, allowed the king's army to gain enough time to repel the first wave of Giants. On the north coast of Drangleic, an immense fortress known as the Cardinal Tower was built that would become the cornerstone of the kingdom's defense[93]. The army blacksmiths began to produce armor characterized by a shape that favored movement and also allowed for great defense, ignoring all ornamentation to make it suitable only for battle. However, even the magnificent Royal Greatswords that his knights used were terribly inadequate when fighting the mighty Giants[94] and despite the fact that Vendrick supplied his bravest men with the best equipment available to face the Giants very few were able to demonstrate victories or return alive[95]. The king even commissioned replicas of Syan's armor and halberd and bestowed them to promising knights, but not long after they donned the armor they would go throughly mad[92].

As the war dragged on and the Giants continued to demonstrate a will of steel[42], Vendrick's army began a progressive decline caused by unsustainable attrition. The king was forced to hire mercenaries from Forossa and Volgen[96][97] to reinforce his ranks reduced by casualties and Desert Sorceresses from Jugo were added to the defense of the Royal Castle[98]. The endless battles also began to take their toll on the population. Those who could afford it ran away to other countries while the poor were left without a place to sleep, the kingdom now reduced to ruins[99]. The conflict continued for three generations unabated[42], with the Giants continuing to attack the fortifications along the northern coasts of Drangleic[100] and trying to push their way inland towards the Royal Castle. The bodies of the many dead giants that littered the region slowly grew into gret trees, covering the area around Cardinal Tower in a dense forest[101][102].

At a certain point. Raime and Velstadt clashed and Raime was defeated[21] and deemed a traitor[20], leading him to resign from his post and reconsider his way of life, reborning as a stalwart warrior[103] that started to seek someone to whom he could dedicate his life[21]. Velstadt instead continued to serve at Vendrick's side as if he was his lord's own shadow[104].

To make things worse, at a certain point Vendrick also found himself dealing with the fate that inevitably affected every kingdom in the history of the region: the First Flame present somewhere in the region began to weaken and the number of undead to grow[105]. The king himself was forced to draw from the power of his immense soul to keep the curse at bay, feeling it growing despite all the strenght he had stolen from the Giants[106].

Initially the king simply took over the existing structures that had helped keep the cursed ones at bay under previous countries such as the Lost Bastille and the No-man's Wharf, using the golems and creatures already present such as the Flexile Sentries and the Ruin Sentinels as jailers[107][108]. Undead Citizen of the kingdom who died and returned to life cursed would thus be locked in the squalid fortress and, once the numbers swelled to fill the cells, forced inside rickety ships and sent to certain death in the open sea[109]. But the ongoing conflict and the resulting increase in deaths would only lead to more undead and more hollows. In an attempt to stave off the curse of undeath that was plaguing his kingdom, Vendrick hired some deserted members of the shadow knights from Mirrah, skilled assassins, to put down the hollows, making them work in the No-man's Wharf where they sent the imprisoned undead to die in the sea[110], but before long they became hollow themselves[111]. More and more desperate, Vendrick came to call into his kingdom even mad warriors almost resembling beasts, that came from well beyond his borders and unknown lands[112].

On his own and after the failure of his brother with the attempt to give humans the immortality of dragons, Vendrick continued to search in every way and using all manner of things to purge the curse of Undeath that was slowly devouring his kingdom[113]. One of these experiments was conducted on the Milfanito, creatures created by Gravelord Nito to keep Undeads under control[114], who resided in the ruins of the Shrine of Amana close to the Drangleic Castle. At least one Milfanito was taken as prisoner inside the castle[115] and she was bound to a magic ring that was capable of making even hollows appear like humans, as the king was fascinated with reclaiming what he feared he would soon lose[116]. At some point Vendrick learned of the monstrous rituals and experiments that his brother carried out in his Keep even on the subjects of his kingdom. Although they had once sought the truth about souls and a mean to free humans from the curse, their means were different and the fervor of their desperate search had eventually withered their familial ties[54]. Understanding how his older brother had now abandoned every form of morality to experiment on humans, Vendrick decided to confine him and his servants in his mansion[54], leaving him alive but building a King's Gate that would limit anyone from entering or leaving that wasn't the king himself[117], but consequently also losing access to the wyverns raised in the Dragon Aerie beyond the villa that represented an important military asset.

With his army exhausted by losses and desertions, Vendrick was forced to use the arts of the Old Iron King to produce the ancient Ironclad Golems, iron husks that were granted life with an enchantment of souls[118]. These warriors wearing decrepit armor one day emerged from the Drangleic Castle and quietly assumed positions among the royal army, without speaking a word or revealing their faces[119]. At the peak of the war against the Giants, Vendrick abandoned all moral reservations and attempted to revive the terrible experiments that his brother had carried out and which had led to the birth of the Primal Knights. Even if only fragments of the rituals remained, the king restored the forbidden art to create the inhuman abominations, everything to obtain warriors that would match their enemies in brute strength thanks to immensely heavy shields, swords and armor[120].

However, in the darkest hour of his reign, Vendrick also understood something else: his dear Queen, Nashandra, was a creature of the Abyss that was born with an insatiable desire[121]. She was a fragment of a dark creature[122], having taken human shape, became obsessed with the King's soul. Impelled by its own cravings, it sought souls, and strove to make the strength of the Giants its own[123], everything to reach the Throne of Want as the link for the First Flame and spread the Dark[124]. Her painting in the castle[125] was in fact able to curse the undead making them hollow and draining their life and only the king knows whether the depiction of the Queen is a resentful mockery, or an affectionate exaltation[126]. At this point Vendrick had achieved a truly profound understanding of the truths of the world. He understood how at the beginning of the world the First Flame brought Disparity and with it Fire and Darkness and how the latter was seen as a curse, he understood how the fire of souls was not enough to harness the curse and how the Flame would soon fade and the souls of ancient beings would reemerge, before Dark would descend as a curse on humans, making them take their true, immortal form. With the fire extinguished men would finally regain their true form and bury the shackles that the gods imposed on them... yet he continued to look for an alternative, a way to maintain the world and life as he had always been known, frightened by the future in the dark[127]. Just as the kingdom was on the verge of being overwhelmed by the Giant Lord's attack, King Vendrick disappeared[128]. As every last attemp to purge the curse of Undeath had failed[129] he understood that the only true solution would have been to link the Fire himself, sacrificing his immense soul to, at least temporarily, eliminate the curse of and give a glimmer hope to his ruined kingdom[29].

Vendrick thus fled the Castle through the King's Passage never to return, fearing Nashandra's wickedness, and left the Looking Glass Knight behind himself, to stand ready to expunge those who would challenge him, forever true to his original command[63], and becoming the first line of defense against those who would attempt to pursue the runaway king into the Undead Crypt[62]. The king took with him only a handful of Royal Soldiers and the faithful Sir Velstadt, who did not abandon him even when his lord left his kingdom to its own devices[104], and found refuge in the Shrine of Amana[130]. Vendrick was initially intent on reaching the Throne of Want and link the First Flame[29] but in the end the king understood that if he did so, Nashandra would have gained an easy access to the throne connected to the Flame[131]. Vendrick thus decided to free himself from his soul, abandoning it among the ruins[132], to descend even deeper into the Undead Crypt[133]. Here, left alone, he isolated himself in a secluded room wearing only his robes, his crown, his sword and his King's Ring[134]. Now overcome by nihilism[135], Vendrick allowed himself to be consumed by the curse and soon became a hollow, mindlessly roaming the empty crypt forever to protect the ring that would grant access to the Throne of Want[136][137]. Velstadt would continue to protect his king even in death[104], although the darkness of the Crypt would soon end up corrupting his soul and equipment and eroding their divine protection[22][23][104]. The knights and soldier left at the Castle waited patiently for the return of their king and leader but turned to stone after decades of service, becoming Stone Knights and Stone Soldiers[138].

While Vendrick hollowed himself out, Drangleic still suffered the onslaught of the Giants and when its army seemed about to be overwhelmed, an unknown warrior felled the Lord of the Giants and his beaten and broken remains were then dragged beneath a stronghold to be sealed away[91], leaving the remaining Giants forces to scatter and flee without the resonance of their leader to guide them[139]. At the same time the soldiers of Vendrick defending their fortress died and eventually became hollows, but they kept their honor and continued to defend their country patrolling the area[93]. Even if the Giants were eventually defeated victory came all too late[140], without a king, an exhausted army and with a country reduced to rubble, depopulated and infested with hollows, the kingdom of Drangleic fell apart. With the collapse of Vendrick's kingdom the defense of the region's borders deteriorated as a result and the mountains surrounding the three sides of Drangleic became the refuge of countless brigands that would prey on the majority of travellers trying to cross them from the outside[2].

As the First Flame continued to fade out, an Abyss opened beneath Drangleic, the result of the scattered fragments of an ancient abyss and the dissipated Manus, Father of the Abyss[141] coalescing again, began to expand across the region and absorb all things to grow, and the Darkness made itself felt even in neighboring kingdoms to those attuned to magic[142][143]. A group of Undead led by Darkdiver Grandahl, called the Pilgrims of Dark, started to make pilgrimages to what they considered holy sites and began to delve into the Dark Chasm and overcome the trials that lurked in the depths to refine the darkness within them[144]. In the heart of the abyss the Darklurker manifested itself, a dark angelic creature capable of manipulating darkness along with sorcery, pyromancy and miracles and demonstrating a series of superhuman abilities[145].

In the lands outside of Drangleic the legend spread that, with the helps of the souls found in the region, the Undead would have managed to save themselves from the curse, avoiding losing their humanity and remaining Hollow forever[146]. For this reason, those who died and returned to life as undead came to the ruined kingdom beyond the mountains with the only hope of avoiding their fate.

Centuries after the end of Vendrick's reign, in the times and region of the kingdom of Lothric, Drangleic, whose name has survived only in the shortened form of "Drang"[147], is known as the land of the legend of the Linking of the Fire, confirming how, at one point, a Bearer of the Curse was able to rekindle the Flame and prolong its life[147]. Vendrick's name has been lost, however, and is only remembered as the "Old King of Want"[148], an ancient ruler that was cursed by an all-consuming thirst, making him no king at all in the end[149]. The Drangoriders of his royal guard and their immense strength are also properly remembered[148]. A group of soldiers, who proclaimed themselves descendants from Drangleic and wore the geisteel armor made by the blacksmith of Vendrick's Castle[150], abandoned the region and became sellswords[150]. Known as Drang Knights, they scattered across the lands and quickly became known for shieldless and aggressive fighting tactis that only used their twinspears and hammers, strucking fear in their enemies[151].






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