The Dragon Bone Fist is a gauntlet in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

A weapon from the soul of the Iron Golem, guardian of Sen's Fortress who repelled countless heroes who sought Anor Londo.
The Gods fused the power of the soul with the great bones of the dragons, forming an appropriate core for the giant golem.


The Dragon Bone Fist can be forged by the Giant Blacksmith with the Core of an Iron Golem and a +10 Caestus or Claw.


The Dragon Bone Fist has higher scaling than the other gauntlet weapons; unfortunately, the damage output is still rather low. As with the other gauntlet weapons, the Dragon Bone Fist has very short range but a fast swing speed.

Unusually for a unique weapon, the Dragon Bone Fist may be augmented.

When equipped, the Dragon Bone Fist raises Fire and Magic resistances by 15 points. It also has a maximum durability of 999, a trait it shares with the Dragon Tooth and Dark Hand.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Quick punches. Can be repeated for consecutive attacks. Low starting lag.
Strong Attack
The player "charges" up, then does a flying uppercut. High starting and ending lag. Will knock back enemies if it does connect.
Weak Attack
Cannot be two-handed.
Strong Attack
Cannot be two-handed.
Jump Attack The player jumps and jabs the air in front of them.
Running Attack The player does a backhand attack.
Rolling Attack A simple punch.
Kick Standard Kick.
Weak Attack
A jab.
Strong Attack


Requires: 5,000 Souls and Dragon Scales

Variation Attack Values Parameter Bonus
Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Para str Para dex Para int Para faith
Dragon Bone Fist 95 A
Dragon Bone Fist +1 (Dragon Scale ×1) 104 A
Dragon Bone Fist +2 (Dragon Scale ×1) 114 A
Dragon Bone Fist +3 (Dragon Scale ×2) 123 A
Dragon Bone Fist +4 (Dragon Scale ×2) 133 A
Dragon Bone Fist +5 (Dragon Scale ×4) 142 S



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