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Some Dragon Aerie's rock columns viewed from Aldia's Keep

Dragon Aerie is a location in Dark Souls II.


Dragon Aerie is a rather short area, with only one bonfire. Located high above the surface of the earth, numerous columns of rock, connected by rope bridges, are home to the kin of the Guardian Dragon fought at Aldia's Keep. Each of the dragon nests harbors numerous Crystal Lizards that drop Titanite Chunks, Slabs, Twinkling Titanites and Petrified Dragon Bones, among other stones.


After defeating the Guardian Dragon in Aldia's Keep, the player makes their way through the Dragon Aerie in order to reach the Dragon Shrine and receive the Ashen Mist Heart. The player will have to navigate across swaying bridges, and watch their footing around perilous cliffsides and sudden drops.


  • Dragon Aerie Bonfire

Adjacent Locations[]






  • Be wary of breaking the grayish white dragon eggs in this area. If too many eggs are broken, simply use the Aged Feather or travel from a bonfire to another location (a loading screen must take place) to reset the egg count. Just resting at a bonfire won't reset them.
    • Break 3 eggs - All Guardian Dragons will get a power boost.
    • Break 7 eggs - There will be a time limit for crossing the bridge that leads to the Dragon Shrine, before it gets destroyed.
    • Break 10+ eggs - The bridge is destroyed when the player attempts to cross it.
  • Burning a Bonfire Ascetic here will respawn the numerous Crystal Lizards, allowing for a lot of guaranteed upgrade materials to be gathered in a short amount of time. Note that this also respawns the dragons.
  • Upon coming to the final rope bridge, the player may first opt to use the zip-line to unlock the shortcut to and from the bonfire before proceeding across the bridge.
  • Remaining stagnant on the bridge leading up to the Dragon Shrine for too long will cause the dragon to come down and crush the bridge.


  • The screen may glitch out and begin flashing black and white in most of Dragon Aerie, this can be fixed by quitting and restarting the game.