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Dragon Acolytes are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Dragon Acolytes were responsible for assisting Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin in the mysterious rituals and experiments conducted at his manor. The goal of this highly secret research is unknown, however it is rumored that the Acolytes were unknowingly manipulated by a mysterious force that led to the creation of the hideous creatures that now roam the manor.

Acolytes wear bloodied robes and wield ceremonial hammers that can inflict magic damage.


Dragon Acolytes have low poise and can be easily slain if the player attacks aggressively. However their hammer swings inflict a lot of damage and will kill the player very quickly if they are not blocked or evaded. Acolytes will toss magic urns at a distance and will heal with lifegems if they are injured.

Due to their small stature, Acolytes often hide behind doors or even paintings. It is advisable to move slowly through the manor to avoid them sneaking up on the player.


  • Strike: Swings their hammer once
  • Magic Urn: Pulls out a magic urn and throws it at the player, dealing little damage
  • Shield Strike: Swings their shield horizontally