Devout Bombers are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Initially similar to the other Devouts patrolling the Cathedral of the Deep, these hollows will ignite themselves and charge at enemies. Once engulfed in flames, they will chase after the player at great speed for a short period of time, injuring anything around them. After a short delay, however, they will drop to the ground and blow up in a fiery explosion.


Found in the Cathedral of the Deep. Bombers are not very common enemies and usually only one or two at most can be found throughout large areas populated by other enemies.


Devout Bombers take a few seconds to ignite, which gives the player enough time to defeat them before they become a threat. Once ignited, they will attempt a dive bomb that can be easily evaded, although it does have limited tracking if the player moves too early. With careful positioning, they can be used to injure and even defeat nearby enemies.


Item Firebomb (DSIII)
Red Bug Pellet
Red Bug Pellet
Broken Straight Sword (DSIII)
Broken Straight Sword
Long Sword
Long Sword
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???


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