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The Depth
"Those banished from the Undead Burg eke out their existence in the Depths, a damp lair with no trace of sunlight. Nearly half of the Depths form a perilous flooded labyrinth."
Key to Depths description.

The Depths are a location in Dark Souls. It is a large, dark sewer system accessed via a door in the lower Undead Burg. The door requires the Key to Depths to unlock, which is obtained from the Capra Demon.


Going through the Depths is the primary way to reach Blighttown, which is possible after killing Gaping Dragon. The Depths and upper parts of Blighttown can be circumvented through a secondary route that is normally used to leave Blighttown which can be found in the Valley of Drakes, which in turn can be accessed from either Darkroot Basin or New Londo Ruins. Access through New Londo requires the Master Key, as the door is otherwise only opened by the Key to New Londo Ruins which is found inside Blighttown itself.

Domhnall of Zena is encountered here as well as Laurentius of the Great Swamp, both of which will move to Firelink Shrine once their respective conditions are met.


The Depths are place to which those from the Undead Burg are banished.[1], for reasons like thievery, as those banished are known to show insatiable greed.[2] No sunlight gets here. About a half of Depths is flooded labyrinth, dangerous place.[1] Inside two Undead Butchers reside, women man-eaters.[3][4] Depths inhabitants are said to be polluted, although still aware of Blighttown's dangers, so they build giant door to separate it.[5] At the end of the Depths resides Gaping Dragon, distant and deformed descendant of everlasting dragons, guarding entrance to Blighttown.[6]

Adjacent locations[]


There is one bonfire located in the Depths. It is located inside a small chamber in the sewers that can be unlocked by either the Sewer Chamber Key or the Master Key.







Notable items[]






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