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Demon Clerics are enemies in Dark Souls III.


One of the few surviving demons due to the extinguishing of the Chaos Flame, Demon Clerics are both skilled warriors and adept mages, utilizing a machete and pyromancy spells against trespassers.


Demon Clerics resemble large beasts who stand bipedal on clawed feet. They have four arms, each adorned in claws. Their faces resemble crow skulls with eyeless sockets. The beaks are large, as well as being curved in shape. They are covered in gray fur along their arms and legs, and they have a long, slender, fur covered tail. The Demon Clerics wear torn hoods and have branches coming out of their heads- akin to horns.


Found in the Smouldering Lake, wandering about the initial areas of the complex of corridors encompassed between the Old King's Antechamber and Demon Ruins bonfires.


Demon Clerics have a large amount of vitality but are susceptible to backstabs and can be staggered with repeated attacks, although not easily. At close range, they will either perform a horizontal slash with their machetes or an overhead slam, both of these attacks have a long delay and are easily evaded by moving behind the enemy. The machetes can also be parried.

At a distance, Demon Clerics will hurl fireballs or shoot a flame trail at medium range. Their most dangerous attack is summoning fire orbs that assault the player with projectiles whilst the Demon continues to use its other abilities. It will raise its arms and begin chanting when summoning the orbs, which offers a good opportunity to cause damage. Whilst the orbs can be destroyed with ranged weapons, they will automatically vanish once the Demon is slain.

It is also recommended to pull everything out of a Demon Cleric's room before engaging; otherwise, the Cleric will throw fire and/or use its machete on the Unkindled One while other adversaries attack.

Like all other Chaos Demons, Demon Clerics take extra damage from Black Knight weapons, one of which is found in a nearby room with an axe-wielding Black Knight.


Item Titanite Shard
Titanite Shard
Large Titanite Shard
Large Titanite Shard
Chaos Gem
Chaos Gem
Drop Rate ??? ??? ???


  • Cannot be attacked as they are standing back up after a knockdown.