Deep Accursed are minibosses in Dark Souls III.


A horrific beast resembling a hybrid of arachnid and lycan, these monsters prowl the darkest areas where Aldrich's followers have gained a foothold. They attack with a deadly breath that causes Curse and powerful bites and body slams. Despite its size, the beast is capable of leaping very high into the air before crashing down onto anything underneath.

Only two Deep Accursed are encountered in the game and do not respawn once defeated.


Cathedral of the Deep

  • Encountered in a side chamber of a praying area on the first floor, just before reaching the cathedral's main open hall.

Anor Londo

  • Awaits perched to the ceiling of the cathedral's grand hall, above the main entrance. Will drop down once approached from the ground floor or can be lured down with a ranged attack.


The first Deep Accursed ambushes the player in the Cathedral of the Deep, in a small chamber behind the first Cathedral Knight. It descends from the ceiling without warning and can be a challenging opponent in that cramped space. However, it is unable to leave the room due to its small archway and can be defeated with ranged attacks from a safe distance.

The creature is initially perched to the ceiling of this chamber, although it cannot be seen. As soon as the player sets foot inside, a countdown will start and the monster will drop after a few seconds, facing the far wall. The player can just step inside, exit, and wait for the creature to drop, allowing them to start the fight preemptively with a powerful attack from behind.

The Deep Accursed in Anor Londo is visible on the ceiling in the grand hall and will drop down when the player tries to reach the switch to open the main doors. The pillars can be used as cover. However, a safer strategy is to retreat up one of the staircases and slay it from a distance. Whilst the beast cannot reach the player, it will frequently jump into the air to re-position itself, and can cause damage if the player is too close. If the player remains out of its sight long enough, the monster may calm down again, allowing them to resume the fight with a plunging attack.


Item Aldrich's Sapphire
Aldrich's Sapphire
Aldrich's Ruby
Aldrich's Ruby
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(Cathedral of the Deep)
(Anor Londo)


  • Immune to Rapport.
  • If the player manages to drop from a higher level and land on its head, the Deep Accursed will be stunned and automatically become open for a critical attack.
  • When idle, the Deep Accursed can be heard making clicking sounds with its teeth.
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