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For the Dark Souls variant, see Darksign.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Darksign (Dark Souls III).

The Darksign is an item in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

An accursed mark. Use its power to return to the last bonfire rested at, at the cost of all souls held.
Like a moth drawn to a flame, those branded with the Darksign are fated to be consumed by fire, over and over and over again... This is the only fate permitted to them.

General information[]

Identical to using a Homeward Bone, when used, the player is asked whether they want to relinquish all souls and return to the last bonfire. If they accept, they then kneel on the ground and teleport, surrounded by a red ring. It takes considerable time to warp, and it can be interrupted by enemies. The Darksign and other warping items cannot be used if player or NPC invaders/phantoms are present.

As the item suggests, all souls on-hand will be permanently lost when using the Darksign. However, it does not further hollow the player nor does it update the most recent Bloodstain. It can be used an unlimited amount of times, unlike Homeward Bones. Its uses are limited, however, and should only be used as a last resort when no Homeward Bones are possessed or the souls lost are few. The Aged Feather has the same effect except no souls are lost, making it a direct upgrade.

Use of the Darksign and other bonfire-warping items reset the area and all respawnable enemies, but it does not reset the character nor does it count as resting. This is useful in no bonfire runs as it will return the player back to the most recently lit bonfire. However, note that Estus Flasks and spell casts will not recharge as a result.

This item, along with the Aged Feather, Homeward Bones, and the Miracle Homeward will warp you back to the spawn gazebo in Things Betwixt if both the Fire Keeper's Dwelling in Things Betwixt and The Far Fire in Majula are unlit, potentially as a softlock prevention measure and/or a default warp location.


  • The Darksign is automatically activated upon death.