Darkdiver grandahl
"May the Dark shine your way."
— Darkdiver Grandahl

Darkdiver Grandahl is a character in Dark Souls II. He is voiced by Sean Barrett, who also voiced Ingward, Petrus and Andre in Dark Souls and Andre and Hodrick in Dark Souls III.


Darkdiver Grandahl is the elderly leader of the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. He has a long, gray beard and is dressed in reddish robes. Grandahl will be seen sitting in a wheelchair.

Grandahl has a vast knowledge about the nature of the Dark and the Abyss. He worships the Dark as "the mother of all things" and he firmly believes that by facing the Abyss one will discover the "truest dark" within himself.  


Grandahl is found in three separate shrines throughout Drangleic. These shrines are often in hidden places and they all need to be found to activate Grandahl's services as the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant leader. These places are often accessed via dropping, and are located in The Black Gulch, Shaded Woods, and Drangleic Castle.

  • To open The Black Gulch entrance, the player will need the Forgotten Key gained from killing two Elite Giants in a cave located underneath the door's platform.
  • The Shaded Woods access point is located to the right of the path that leads up to the Scorpioness Najka fight. The player will find a grassy patch to the right and fall through the boards in the ground, finding the Shrine.
  • The Drangleic Castle access point is located in the big room just off the bonfire room, which has many Stone Soldiers and Ruin Sentinels inside it. The very last room on the left will contain a Ruin Sentinel and a partially broken floor. Stepping on the floor will result in the player falling into the shrine, along with a bonfire.

After finding all three, Grandahl will ask the player to join the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. Through each of these Shrines the player may access a different part of the Dark Chasm. The player's first journey into the Dark Chasm will be free, but be warned that if the player should die, future journeys require the sacrifice of a Human Effigy. Grandahl can be found in whichever shrine the player chooses to visit.

Completion of the Dark Chasm will allow the player to talk to Grandahl again, and he will give the player a Dragon Chime for doing so. After defeating the Darklurker, Grandahl will give the player the Xanthous Set.

Character InformationEdit


Human Effigy
Human Effigy ×3
Bonfire Ascetic
Bonfire Ascetic ×10
Souls 3,000 7,500

Health and SoulsEdit

Health Souls
1,690 2,700 5,400


Item Dragon Chime
Dragon Chime
Drop Rate Guaranteed