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For the Dark Souls mechanic, see Invaders.
For the Dark Souls III mechanic, see Dark Spirit (Dark Souls III).

A Dark Spirit is a type of enemy in Dark Souls II.

General information[]

Most Dark Spirits the player encounters will be in the form of enemies found throughout Drangleic. However, other players who invade the player and try to kill them are also considered Dark Spirits. These invaders are typically far more dangerous than any enemy the player may encounter, but they can only be found in areas where Player versus Player combat is possible.


The following list contains the Dark Spirits the player will encounter throughout Drangleic, as well as in the DLC areas.


  • Sinners' Rise
    • A Dark Spirit Undead Prisoner spawns in the water portion of the area.*
    • Two Dark Spirit Undead Jailers will spawn before the Lost Sinner fight.*
    • Two Dark Spirit Pyromancers will spawn in the Lost Sinner fight.*
  • Iron Keep
    • Armorer Dennis will invade just before the Iron Keep's main gate. He'll usually invade after Fencer Sharron, although sometimes he can invade first. (only in SotFS)
    • Oliver the Collector will invade near the Belfry Sol bonfire after the player has lowered the center platform into the lava and climbed the ladder this makes accessible. (only in SotFS)
    • A Dark Spirit Alonne Captain will spawn just past the first two Alonne Knights.*
    • A Dark Spirit Alonne Knight will spawn near the Dull Ember.*
    • A Dark Spirit wearing the Ironclad Armor will spawn near the Eygil's Idol bonfire.*
  • Dragon Aerie
    • Royal Sorcerer Navlaan will invade as a Dark Spirit near the end of the area.
* Only in NG+ and beyond.

Crown of the Sunken King[]

Crown of the Old Iron King[]

Crown of the Ivory King[]