The Items Manual of Style is the guideline by which Dark Souls item articles should be written. Please consult this before making any significant edits.

Template UsageEdit


|image = 
|found = 
|use = 


General infobox for Dark Souls III items. It's not horizontal due to mobile issues of "usage" parameter length values. Stats bonus and max held count are optional, see examples for details.

Example usageEdit

Empty templateEdit

Remove unused/empty fields. If you remove fields that are not used default value will be displayed (see next snipet, for default values). For real life example see next section.

|name        = 
|image       = 
|buy-price   = 
|price       = 
|consumable  = 
|held-cap    = 
|storage-cap = 
|usage       = 
|str-bonus   = 
|dex-bonus   = 
|int-bonus   = 
|fth-bonus   = 

Default valuesEdit

Default values for each field:

|name        = [ {{PAGENAME}} ]
|image       = [no image, adding to Dark Souls III: Image needed category]
|buy-price   = 
|price       = [?]
|consumable  = (put Yes for Consumable fields, No for Unlimited use or remove this field for other)
|held-cap    = [99] (hidden if not Consumable)
|storage-cap = [600] (hidden if not Consumable)
|usage       = [?] (short description)
|str-bonus   = (hidden if not Consumable)
|dex-bonus   = (hidden if not Consumable)
|int-bonus   = (hidden if not Consumable)
|fth-bonus   = (hidden if not Consumable)

Consumable itemsEdit

If item has "Consumable" as usage value fields held-cap and store-cap are displayed.

|name        = Young White Branch
|image       = Young White Branch.png
|consumable  = Yes
|held-cap    = 10
|usage       = Allows the player to transform into an object that suits their current environment and blend with it.

Consumables with stats bonusEdit

If there is no bonus from certain stat, put "-" as a value

|name        = Black Firebomb
|image       = Black Firebomb (DSIII).png
|consumable  = Yes
|held-cap    = 10
|str-bonus   = A
|dex-bonus   = C
|int-bonus   = -
|fth-bonus   = -

Unlimited use ExampleEdit

IF item has unlimited usage, type No as a value of consumable field

|name        = Red Eye Orb
|image       = Red Eye Orb (DSIII).png
|consumable  = No
|usage       = Invade another world.

Other items (infusions materials, keys etc.)Edit

If there is no need for displaying consumable remove that field, minimal layout will appear.

|name        = Fire Gem
|image       = Fire Gem.png
|usage       = Infuses a Weapon with Fire damage, but removes scaling.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

|First paragraph = 
|Second paragraph = 
|Third paragraph = 

Article HeadersEdit

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an item in ''[[Dark Souls]]''.

Where to get the item.

==General Information==
General information, use and description of the item.

Additional notes that do not belong under other headers.