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Not to be confused with Discussions Moderators.

Chat Moderators are users on the site who uphold the Chat Rules. Administrators and Discussions Moderators assist them with these responsibilities.

Abilities and Duties

Chat Moderators are able to:

  • Warn users for breaking chat rules
  • Kick users from chat
  • Ban users from chat

Chat Moderators must:

  • Be able to settle disputes
  • Be unbiased in all decisions they make
  • Be welcoming to all new members of chat

Who are this wiki's Chat Moderators?

Former Chat Moderators

Past Nominations

Nominations are listed in chronological order.

Becoming a Chat Moderator

A user must be nominated by a current Discussions Moderator, Chat Moderator, Administrator, or Bureaucrat on the Forum under the Wiki Discussion Board. The community will discuss and a poll will be made to see how the community feels about that user or group of users being promoted to Chat Moderator.

What can't Chat Moderators do?

Chat Moderators have none of the abilities of an Administrator, and therefore are held to no editing standards before being promoted. Chat Moderators are also not allowed to abuse their power. Moderators suspected of abuse of power will be reviewed by the Administrators and Bureaucrats of the site, and if found to be abusing their power, they will be subjected to removal of Chat Moderator rights.