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The Dark Sigil is an item in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A black, gaping hole in the flesh that resembles the brand of an Undead.
The darkness of humanity seeps from this bottomless pitch-black hole, the gap filled by the accumulation of the curse.
This Dark Sigil will never heal, but there is a tale told of a Fire Keeper who returned from the Abyss, and brought great comfort to a bearer of the curse.



  • Increases the player's Hollowing level by the number of accumulated Sigils upon death.
  • Grants bonus Luck when wielding Hollow-infused weapons if Hollowing is 15 or greater, based on the upgrade level of the weapon.
  • Once eight Dark Sigils are acquired, the Lord of Hollows ending may be unlocked.


The Dark Sigil can only be healed by giving a Fire Keeper Soul to the Fire Keeper. The cost of healing is equal to the cost of leveling up a number of times equal to however many Dark Sigils have been accumulated. Once healed, all Sigils will be removed from the player's inventory and Hollowing will be reversed.

Yoel of Londor will no longer speak to the player if healed prior to his death. Should they be healed after, Yuria will leave Firelink Shrine upon being spoken to.

As the Dark Sigil is a key item, proceeding to the next New Game cycle will remove them from the player's inventory, but Hollowing will remain unaffected.