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The Dark Lord is a character/position in the Dark Souls trilogy.


This section of the lore lacks sources and is in need of further expansions and explanations

The Dark Lords are beings who were meant to become Lords of Cinder, but refused to link the First Flame and extend the Age of Fire, with the specific intent of bringing forth the Age of Dark. "Dark Lord" seems to only be a title, as no known dark beings have gained or lost any power upon receiving the title. However, if the Chosen Undead chooses to become a Dark Lord, several primordial serpents will be seen bowing before them (including both Kaathe and Frampt).

List of Dark Lords[]

While only the Chosen Undead has been specifically referred to by the title of Dark Lord, other beings have fulfilled similar roles in the series.

Dark Souls[]

Dark Souls II[]

Dark Souls III[]

Depending on the player's chosen endings, the Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One could all become Dark Lords.