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Dark is a type of elemental damage in Dark Souls II. It is found either innately enchanted to various weapons, used as an infusion for weapons or used offensively in Hexes.


Dark Attack[]

Icon DaSII DarkAtk

The Dark Attack (abbreviated as Dark ATK in-game) describes the base level of Dark damage that is inflicted on a target with either a Dark weapon, casting tool, or Hex.

Dark Attack Bonus[]

Icon DaSII Dark Bonus

The Dark Attack Bonus (abbreviated as Dark BNS in-game) determines the extra damage gained with Dark scaling weapons, casting tools and Hexes. For weapons, this bonus value is expressed as blue text alongside the base attack value on the Equipment Status screen in-game.

The Dark Attack Bonus value is determined by the lowest stat of either Intelligence or Faith. This value is then multiplied by the dark scaling weapon or casting tool's dark scaling stat, then added to the attack rating along with any other scaling. In order to continually increase innate Dark Attack Bonus, both Intelligence and Faith need to be leveled up side-by-side. For example, if both skills are at 50, Dark Defense will be set to 177 points. Dark Attack Bonus caps at 200 points, when both stats are at 99.

Dark weapons[]

Icon DaSII DarkAtkWpn

The following is a list of weapons and shields that bear an innate Dark Damage effect. For information as to how these weapons are affected by Dark infusions, see this section.

Boosting Dark Damage[]

There are two rings and a spell that can grant a bonus to Dark Attack when worn.

The bonus granted from the Dark Clutch Ring can boost the Dark Attack value for both Hexes (via the casting tool) and Dark weapons, but reduced physical defenses. The Dark bonus amount can vary depending on what type of casting tool or Dark weapon or is equipped, be it innate Dark, infused Dark or both. The Abyss Seal grants a flat 7% boost to Hexes only, but at the cost of draining HP every time a Hex is cast. Both of these items can be worn together, which stacks the bonus.

Unleash Magic is a unique sorcery that temporarily increases the Dark Attack of all Hexes by 20%, but at a cost of reducing Heath by 30%. Dark Attack on weapons is not affected.

Ring Bonus
Dark Clutch Ring

Dark Clutch Ring[]

Ring depicting a hand grasping a stone. Increases dark attack, but reduces physical defense. The origin of this ring is unknown, but its design suggests one of the darker deities. Effective use of this ring requires skill on the part of the wearer.

Variable - see page
Ring Abyss Seal

Abyss Seal[]

Ring of the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. Increases the attack strength of hexes, but casting them reduces HP. What is dark? Perhaps we already know. We fear dark, yet find solace in it. Those who join this covenant can see the hidden Dark Chasm.

+7% boost to Hexes
-30 HP per cast
Unleash Magic

Unleash Magic[]

Boosts magic within the body beyond even your own limits, but at great cost to HP. The terrible deeds carried out in Aldia led to the unintentional birth of several shadowy things, all of them eerily malformed.

+20% boost to Hexes
-30% HP

Dark augmentation and consumables[]

Most weapons can be given the ability to deal Dark Damage temporarily through the use of Hexes or Dark Pine Resin.

The damage of these buffs does not scale with the Dark Attack Bonus, rather applies a flat bonus based on the weapon's original Dark Damage (WoDD), if any. If the weapon bears an innate Dark effect, the Dark damage value is boosted. Applying Dark buffs result in the weapon taking on a purple glow.

Unlike weapon buffs, the damage Hexing Urns deal scale based on the Dark Attack Bonus value. They can be purchased from Titchy Gren for 350 souls each. Arrows and Bolts laced with Dark deals a flat Dark Damage value, plus their physical damage. They can be purchased from Grave Warden Agdayne.

Buffs Damage
Dark Weapon

Dark Weapon[]

Felkin the Outcast applied his art to transform Magic Weapon into a hex. Those who choose the path of dark are admonished by all manner of sorcerers. But this does not stop the curious from being drawn to this strangely alluring craft.

[(WoDD + 50) x 1.25]
Resonant Weapon

Resonant Weapon[]

A hex developed independently by Outcast Felkin. Transforms a certain amount of souls into attack power for a period of time. Something gained, something lost.

[(WoDD+ 50) x 1.30)]
Dark Pine Resin

Dark Pine Resin[]

Hexed pine resin. Applies dark flame to right-hand weapon. The affected weapon inflicts dark damage for a short time. Particularly effective against enemies that fear dark, such as clerics and magical creatures.

[(WoLD + 50) x 1.30]
Item Damage
Hexing Urn

Hexing Urn[]

Hexed black lacquer urn. Explodes, inflicting dark damage. With the dark art of hexing strictly forbidden, who would dare fill an urn with such power? The very origins of the art are unclear, yet another reason hexing is feared.

[(200 + 1.30) x Dark BNS]
Ammo Damage
Dark Bolt

Dark Bolt[]

Bolt imbued with dark flame. Tipped with Dark Pine Resin. Weapons fortified with dark are effective against those who fear the dark, such as clerics and magical creatures.

Dark Arrow

Dark Arrow[]

Arrows imbued with dark flame. Tipped with Dark Pine Resin. Weapons fortified with dark are effective against those who fear the dark, such as clerics and magical creatures.



Dark Defense (abbreviated as Dark DEF in-game) governs how robust the player is against Dark based attacks.

Innate Defense[]

Icon DaSII Player DarkDef

Innate Dark Defense describes the value of the players Dark Defense when not influenced by any outside factors, such as armor, spells or consumables. A hidden Dark Defense stat of 100 points is always granted, regardless of character class. Dark Defense can be increased incrementally through leveling both Intelligence and Faith. The Dark Defense value is determined by lower of the two stats. This means in order to continually increase innate Dark Defense, both Intelligence and Faith need to be leveled up side-by-side. For example, if both skills are at 50, Dark Defense will be set to 170 points. Innate Dark Defense caps at 200 points, when both stats are at 99.

Dark Defense cap[]

Total Dark Defense is capped at 890 points. Combined with the hidden stat of 100 points, Dark Defense can reach a maximum of 990 points. Since 1000 points of any magical or elemental defense equals immunity, Dark Damage cannot be completely nullified, with the exception of blocking with a shield. For information on how to achieve this cap, see this section.

Armor and shields[]

Icon DaSII DarkRed

Various armor pieces grant varying levels of Dark Defense. The following armor table shows the armor pieces which grant the highest possible Dark Defense, for each body part.

Shields will only block Dark attacks if the player is actively blocking. Merely equipping the shield does not count towards defense. The Dark defense value on shields is expressed as a percentage in-game, as opposed to points on armor. The following shields table shows all shields that grant at least 75% reduction.

Armor Defense
Black Witch Robe +5 131
Chaos Boots +5 82
Dark Gauntlets +5 56
Warlock Mask +10 72
Total 341
Shield Reduction Notes
Transgressor's Leather Shield 90% Provides complete immunity to Dark Damage if infused with Dark
Rebel's Greatshield 90% Provides complete immunity to Dark Damage if infused with Dark
Rampart Golem Shield (CotIK) 90% Provides complete immunity to Dark Damage if infused with Dark
Chaos Shield 90% Provides complete immunity to Dark Damage if infused with Dark-
Havel's Greatshield 75% -

Items and spells[]

Certain defensive spells can increase Dark Defense, with varying results, but they cannot be stacked with each other. Only one spell can be active at a time. Dark Troches are consumable items that can be purchased from Cromwell the Pardoner for 1200 souls each. Dark Troches cannot be stacked with any of the defensive spells either. Consuming a Dark Troche will remove the Dark Defense provided by the spell, and apply the Dark Troche defense value.

Spell Defense
Great Magic Barrier II

Great Magic Barrier[]

Superior miracle to Magic Barrier. Increases resistance to magic, lightning, fire and dark.

Iron Flesh II

Iron Flesh[]

A pyromancy that internalizes the power of flame. Turns the body into iron, increasing defense and resistance. As one might guess, the rock-solid flesh enabled by this spell dramatically slows movement. Guaranteed to cause trouble if used at an inopportune moment.

Magic Barrier II

Magic Barrier[]

A miracle encasing the body in a magic barrier. Increases resistance to magic, lightning, fire and dark. This miracle is said to shield its caster with the Rock's armor, and was common amongst the wizard knights of Mirrah.

Item Defense
Dark Troches

Dark Troches[]

Troches with an inexplicably pungent odor. Temporarily boosts dark defense. Verbal histories often mention Saint Elizabeth; her uniquely concocted medicines and potions are still widely used today.



Only two rings provide Dark Defense. Both can be worn together, granting a maximum of 270 Dark Defense, at the highest item level. Like all other rings, duplicate rings cannot be worn simultaneously.

Ring Defense
Ring Dark Quartz Ring

Dark Quartz Ring[]

A ring bestowed upon students of a certain standard at the Melfian Magic Academy. Its dark-infused quartz increases dark defense.

Ring Dispelling Ring

Dispelling Ring[]

A protective ring set with gemstones of four different colors. Increases the wearer's resistance to magic, lightning, fire and dark.


Lowering Defense[]

An overall Dark Defense penalty can be incurred by equipping certain weapons:

Weapon Defense
Blue Dagger a

Blue Dagger[]

Dagger used by fume sorcerers when a battle draws too close for comfort. An ordinary-looking dagger laced with a spell-strengthening force.

Yorgh's Spear 2

Yorgh's Spear[]

Spear wielded by Sir Yorgh during his invasion of the Sanctum City. After his defeat of the Sunken King, Sir Yorgh pierced Sinh, the sleeping dragon, with this spear to claim its blood.


Achieving the cap[]

Armor Defense
Hidden Dark DEF Stat 100
Warlock Mask +10 72
Black Witch Robe +5 131
Dark Gauntlets +5 56
Chaos Boots +5 82
Great Magic Barrier 250
Dark Quartz Ring 150
Dispelling Ring 120
Total 961 (96.1%)

In practice, raising Dark Defense to ~990 (or 99%) is achievable by combining several pieces of gear - albeit temporarily as a spell is required. This can be useful in situations when facing enemies who deal very high levels of Dark Damage, such as Darklurker.

This table illustrates how the cap can be reached using a combination of gear with high resistance, however other methods using a combination different armor, spells or items is certainly possible.

Since the Warlock Mask is a rare drop, it can be substituted with a Executioner Helm or Velstadt's Helm, both of which offer moderate defense. Similarly, since the Black Witch Robe can be easily missed, it can be substituted with Agdayne's Black Robe.

Note that the table does not take into account the player's displayed innate Dark DEF, which is a variable (between 0 - 200) based on the Intelligence and Faith stat.


Darknight Stone

A Darknight Stone

Steady Hand McDuff can infuse most weapons with Dark through the use of a Darknight Stone. Once a weapon is infused, the Dark icon (Upgrade II Dark) will be displayed next to its image in the HUD.

  • Uninfused weapons imbued with Dark gain a fixed Dark Damage value (which scales with the Dark Attack Bonus), but the base physical damage is lowered by 30%, as is the base scaling. For example, if a regular weapon that deals 100 physical damage is infused with Dark, its stats switch over to 70 physical damage and 70 Dark Damage.
  • Weapons with innate Dark Damage gain an additional Dark scaling and a 44% damage increase to Dark, but the base physical damage is lowered by 5%, as is the current scaling.
  • Armor or shields gain additional Dark resistance while lowering other resistances.


The following is a breakdown of enemies and bosses information relating to Dark damage and resistance.

Enemies who deal Dark Damage[]

Enemy Attack Type
Mounted Overseer Dark Orb
Leydia Witch Affinity
Sanctum Priestess Affinity, Dark Orb, Dark Hail, Scraps of Life
Gutter Hollow Weapon buff
Boss Attack Type
Darklurker Dark Soul Bomb, Dark Spear, Dark Beam, Dark Explosion
Elana, the Squalid Queen Dark Orb, Darkstorm, Affinity, Dark Hail
Executioner Chariot Dark Breath
Nashandra Dark Beam, Dark Explosion
Old Dragonslayer Dark AoE, Dark Spear projectile
Velstadt, The Royal Aegis Dark Orb Barrage

Enemies resistant to Dark Damage[]

Enemy Resistance
Lion Clan Warrior ~85%
Desert Sorceress ~70%
Dragon Acolyte ~70%
Enhanced Undead ~70%
Leydia Witch ~70%
Undead Boar ~70%
Dark Stalker ~50%
Enslaved Pig ~50%
Boss Resistance
Darklurker ~85%
Elana, the Squalid Queen ~85%
The Duke's Dear Freja ~65%
Executioner's Chariot ~65%
Nashandra ~65%
Old Dragonslayer ~65%
Prowling Magus ~65%
The Pursuer ~65%
The Rotten ~65%
Velstadt, the Royal Aegis ~65%
Vendrick ~65%

Enemies weak to Dark Damage[]

Enemy Resistance
Varangian Sailor 0%
Elite Giant ~10%
Giant ~10%
Stone Knight ~15%
Stone Soldier ~15%
Boss Resistance
The Last Giant ~25%
Giant Lord ~25%
Demon of Song ~30%
Guardian Dragon ~30%