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Curse Jar

Curse Jars are environmental hazards in Dark Souls II. Strange laughter can often be heard nearby.


The Curse Jar releases a dark smoke that quickly inflicts curse status when the player stands near (this only affects the host of the world). These jars have a large spherical area of effect, allowing them to curse a player even if they are standing either on a floor above or below, coinciding with the respective location of the jar. If the curse meter suddenly starts building up and laughter can be heard, the player should quickly move away from that spot and scout the surroundings to determine the location of the jar.



  • Lure enemies away so you can quickly destroy it with any roll or hit. Fighting enemies near an active curse jar for too long will probably hollow the player. 
  • Can be broken from a distance with ranged attacks, such as Soul Arrow, Dark OrbBowsCrossbows, or Lightning Spear, spells may be aimed freely by using the binoculars.
  • Finding them can be made easier by listening for their mischievous laughter.


  • Standing near multiple curse jars will fill the curse meter more quickly.