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Curse is a negative status effect caused by spells or attacks from certain enemies within the game, most notably the mist from Basilisks.


Usually found in the form of a cloud of mist, Curse will slowly build-up in a player. As Curse is inflicted repeatedly, the status bar will continue to increase until it fills up, at which point immediate death occurs. This is the only instance where the Ring of Sacrifice cannot prevent the loss of souls upon death.


The most well known source of this status effect is the Basilisk's cloud breath attack. Additionally, the two Deep Accursed found in the Cathedral of the Deep and Anor Londo inflict Curse buildup with every attack. The stationary Pus of Man that inhabit the Wyverns in Lothric Castle can expel Curse-inflicting projectiles from their mouths.

During the battle with the Deacons of the Deep, one of the attacks in the second phase consists of the deacons conjuring an orb of Deep energy above Archdeacon Royce's staff, which travels through obstacles and inflicts Curse buildup as well as dealing damage. They can also channel a room-filling fog that gradually builds Curse, which can be interrupted by killing the four deacons that are performing the ritual.

Some of the books in the Grand Archives contain Clawed Curses that inflict damage and Curse. By dipping one's head in wax, the player can negate both effects.

The third Angel of The Dreg Heap in The Ringed City will cast a beam of light at the player's location if they leave its line of sight while being attacked. The light will rapidly build up Curse but does not track the player after the initial cast, and leaves the Angel motionless for several seconds.

Several petrified Undead Clerics within the Ringed City emit an aura which slowly builds up the player's Curse meter if they remain within its vicinity.

Curse prevention[]

The following methods can increase resistance to Curse:

There is no way to clear Curse buildup, outside of avoiding accumulating more and waiting for the status bar to gradually diminish.