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Curse is a negative status effect in Dark Souls II. When the player is affected by a source of curse, they will slowly develop curse buildup, displayed on the screen as a filling bar. When the bar becomes completely filled, the player becomes cursed. Phantoms cannot be cursed. Curse buildup is inflicted by some enemies and hazards.


Once the player has been cursed, they will become further hollowed by one level, reducing their maximum health similar to if they had died. It is possible to be cursed multiple times, making it a priority to remove or escape the source of curse before it can cause the player to become completely hollowed. After being cursed 10 times, health will be reduced to a maximum of 50%. A curse buildup and cooldown will continue to occur if the player is still exposed to a curse source after being cursed 10 times, but no further penalties will be incurred. The exception to this is if the player has Sinned to the point of becoming a Wretch, in which case they may lose up to 95% of their max health.

Hollowed players may still be Invaded and may still participate in Co-op as a summon. Summoning or invading will be disabled until the player restores their humanity.

Curse Resist and Immunity[]

A player's innate Curse Resistance is boosted by leveling up both the Attunement and Adaptability stats, and by certain armors and rings should the player equip them. The Perseverance miracle also gives a temporary boost to Curse resistance. Players always have 100 more curse resistance than what the menu says.

Curse resistance reduces buildup by 1% per every 10 points.

When a player reaches 900 Curse Resistance (menu value), they become completely immune to Curse.

Boosting Curse Resist[]

Below is a list containing some of the best Curse Resistances in the game:


The following enemies have the ability to inflict Curse:

Infliction Source Location
Curse Jar Shaded Woods
Huntsman's Copse
Shrine of Amana
Lion Warrior Shaded Woods
Undead Peasant Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Painting of Nashandra Drangleic Castle
The Pursuer Forest of Fallen Giants
Iron Keep
Drangleic Castle
Nashandra Throne of Want
Ashen Idol Brume Tower