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For other uses, see Soul Spear (disambiguation).

Crystal Soul Spear is a sorcery in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Further sharpens Soul Spear via crystallization.
Fires a piercing crystal soul spear.
According to the Crystal Sages, old Big Hat achieved enlightment within the Regal Archives, where he came to find the quintessence of sorcery in the facets of a certain crystal.


Sold by Orbeck of Vinheim for 15,000 souls once he has been given the Crystal Scroll.


An enhanced version of Soul Spear, and one of the most devastating Sorceries in the game. Fires a piercing crystal soul spear that can go through a line of enemies, inflicting 3.05 times the catalyst's Spell Buff as Magic damage upon any enemies struck. The spear has long range and fast travel speed, but requires a longer cast time.

Alongside Soul Spear, this spell has the longest range among all Sorceries.


Single player[]

Crystal Soul Spear is one of the most powerful burst-damage spells in the game, but also has the second-most expensive cost in FP of all offensive spells, beat only by Soul Stream. It shares many characteristics with Soul Spear, but grants the caster more damage output at the cost of a longer cast time.

Online gameplay[]

On a fully optimized build, a single cast of Crystal Soul Spear is capable of shaving off more than half of the HP bar of another player of equal Soul Level, provided that no defensive buffs like Blue Bug Pellet or (Great) Magic Barrier are active. This means that, under the most optimal circumstances, it is possible to kill an opponent in just two casts, or even one if they have low Vigor. However, the spell's long casting time means that it is very difficult to hit a target that can see it coming, and as such it is only recommended to use this spell when targeting a distracted player (such as during invasions) or to combine it with Homing Soulmass as a roll-catching mechanism.

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