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The Crystal Chime is a sacred chime in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A sacred chime, once the possession of Gertrude, the Heavenly Daughter, and defiled by the scholars of the Grand Archives.
The power of crystals granted the scholars a degree of success. In this case, their work enabled this chime to be suitable for casting both miracles and sorceries.
Skill: Gentle Prayer
Recovers HP for a period of time, albeit extremely slowly. Works while equipped in either hand.


Found in the Grand Archives.

From the first wax pool on the first floor, navigate to the right of the entrance to the dark room and look for a corridor, where a red-eyed spear-wielding Lothric Knight is making rounds. The chime is inside a small room at the end of the corridor.


Perhaps the most unique catalyst in the game, the Crystal Chime possesses the properties of both a staff and a chime, allowing it to cast both Sorceries and Miracles.

The chime scales with both Intelligence and Faith, and uses both stats to calculate its Spell Buff when casting Sorceries and Miracles. However, Sorceries and Miracles that do not directly deal damage, such as Heal, the healing effect of Lifehunt Scythe, and Magic Weapon, will only use the Spell Buff gained from their respective stats. If Intelligence and Faith are equal, this will be half of the MagAdjust above 100, such that having 180 MagAdjust would cast Heal as if MagAdjust were only 140.

Due to its high natural MagAdjust at low levels of Intelligence and Faith, it is still stronger than other spell tools for these non-damaging applications before 35 Faith or Intelligence.

The Crystal Chime is not attuned with the Dark, and will not gain the 1.4x bonus damage with Dark spells like an Izalith Staff or Caitha's Chime would. This makes it ideal for players using a combination of offensive Miracles and Sorceries, but not for using Dark spells.

The Crystal Chime has two soft-caps, and can be variably effective at different amounts of stat investment. The first soft-cap is encountered at 30 Intelligence and 30 Faith, up to which its scaling increases the fastest. Beyond this point, Spell Buff will still increase appreciably but slower than before, until reaching the second soft-cap of 45 Intelligence and 45 Faith. At levels of Intelligence and Faith higher than this, it is ideal to instead equip the Court Sorcerer's Staff to cast Sorceries, and Yorshka's Chime to cast Miracles.


Reinforced with Twinkling Titanite.

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