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Crown of Dusk
Crown of Dusk
Regular Defense 5.0 Magic Defense 11.0
Strike Defense 5.0 Fire Defense 2.0
Slash Defense 5.0 Lightning Defense 6.0
Thrust Defense 5.0
Poise Bleed Poison Curse
0.0 5.0 5.0 20.0
Weight 0.4
Durability 150
Type Head Armor
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Crown of Dusk (Dark Souls III).

The Crown of Dusk is a head armor in Dark Souls. It is part of the Antiquated Set.

In-Game Description

Special magic crown bestowed upon Dusk, Princess of Oolacile, upon her birth.
Its wearer is blessed by all manner of magic. This raises the power and effect of the wearer's magic, but damage suffered by magic attack also rises.


To be able to obtain this item one needs to firstly defeat the hydra in Darkroot Basin and afterwards defeat the golden golem on the leftmost edge of the hydra lake (It is necessary to relog or return to a bonfire for the Golden Golem to appear). The Crown of Dusk is only obtainable after summoning and talking to Dusk of Oolacile at the closest tree to the hydras original spot. It is then found on a corpse in Darkroot Basin, near where the Golden Crystal Golem had spawned, along with the rest of the Antiquated Set.


The Crown of Dusk boosts the damage of most SorceriesMiracles and Pyromancies by 20%, but lowers Magic defense by 30%. It is an inferior choice defensively despite its low weight.


The Crown of Dusk is worn by Dusk of Oolacile.


Cannot be reinforced.