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"Why could thou not let us be? Didst thou not see why Ariamis created this world?"
— Priscilla, the Crossbreed

Crossbreed Priscilla (Japanese: 半竜プリシラ, Hepburn: Hanryū Purishira, lit. 'Half-dragon Priscilla') is an optional boss found in the Painted World of Ariamis and a character in Dark Souls. She is initially non-hostile and will ask the player to leave the world without fighting.

Her soul can be used to ascend a +10 Halberd or Whip into the Lifehunt Scythe. As with other dragon bosses, the player can also obtain a special weapon by cutting her tail off during combat, Priscilla's Dagger.


Priscilla is a humanoid half-dragon roughly five meters tall. Her skin is extremely pale, her hair is stark white and she has a patch of fur beneath her hairline resembling an exaggerated widow's peak. This fur is framed by a row of small white spikes just above her brows.

She has a fluffy white articulate tail with draconic proportions that emerges between two layers of her gown, which is of the same furry texture. She is capable of turning invisible and walks barefoot despite the snowy terrain.

She speaks very softly, and attempts diplomacy with those who invade her world but prominently carries a large scythe capable of absorbing the life of her opponents for self-defense.


Dark Souls[]

Priscilla is a crossbreed of the dragon Seath and a human woman,[1][2][3] likely a result of Seath's many experiments.[4][5]

She was feared by the gods of Anor Londo and treated as an abomination[6] due to the fact that her own body was naturally infused with the occult power capable of killing them.[7][8] She possessed Lifehunt powers and her lineage identified her as completely antithetical to the order and life of the gods.[9]

Eventually she was drawn away from the world into the cold and lonely Painted World of Ariamis, trapped within a great canvas.[10] The Painted World came to be protected by a specific order of Painting Guardians, such was the perceived threat she posed to the reigning Gods.[11] The Gods continued to use the Painted World as a prison, a place to seal away dangerous artifacts, abominations, sinners and Hollows. Eventually, Velka spread her influence inside the painted world, as she was the Goddess of Sin. Dozens of her cultist followers found refuge there, and potentially endeavored to protect Priscilla from the other Gods.[12][13][14]

When the Chosen Undead encounters Priscilla, she has come to see herself as a guardian of the Painted World, which she characterizes as "peaceful," and its "kind" inhabitants. She pities those trapped within the painting, as the outside world has treated them with hate and locked them away, like herself.[15] She is not hostile to visitors from the outside world, unless provoked, and will only ask them to leave in peace[16].

Dark Souls III[]

At some point Priscilla would become the "mistress" of the Painted World[17] and its inhabitants by extension, continuing to welcome the forlorn souls led into the cold world by the tales of heretical storytellers[18], her Lifehunt Scythe becoming the symbol of a long-lost home[19]. The humanoid corvians who continued to find refuge in the painting would then form a small village, complete with a library[20] and knights, developing a high understanding of the First Flame and the Dark Soul[21], using the Flame to "restore" the Painted World when it was corrupted from time, to avoid the fate of the stagnating outside world[22][23]. For this purpose, a "Father" was chosen among the corvians who would have to tend to the Flame present in the Painted World to burn it when the time was right[24] and prepare the next one by restoring the painting[25].

Priscilla would also have a daughter[26] who would inherit her draconic traits[27], along with her high levels of knowledge about the First Flame and the Dark Soul[28], becoming a "painter" with the abilities to harness the two forces[29] and paint Painted Worlds[30].


  • It is possible to theorize that Gwyn had a relationship with Priscilla and from their union Gwyndolin was born, the last son of the king of the gods. In fact, although Gwyndolin is the last child of Gwyn[31], Yorshka, an half-dragon, is his younger sister[32], confirming that they share a mother. Since the two siblings both possess draconic traits their common mother should have possessed draconic traits herself for them to inherit them partially[33][34][35]. Consequently Gwyndolin would have inherited the unique magic of the moonlight of Seath[36], as his grandfather, and would have become a strong moon sorcerer[37]. Additionally, Gwyndolin's final thoughts as he was devoured by Aldritch allowed the creation of a miracle that replicates the Lifehunt Scythe of Priscilla[38], and, as miracles are tales of the gods, would mean that Gwyndolin had a special relationship with Priscilla. In conclusion, the fact that Gwyndolin was Priscilla's son, as she was hated and feared by the gods[39], would explain why Gwyn would dress, educate and raise him to be a female[40], as the king of the gods would never have wanted him to be able to ascend the throne with his dangerous lineage.



  • It is wise to move into position prior to starting, since she is initially neutral. If Priscilla's Dagger is desired, it is recommended to go for her tail first, as there will be an opportunity to get a few free hits in before she attacks.
  • She will become invisible as soon as she is attacked. When she is invisible, the most reliable way to determine her location is to watch for the large footprints that she leaves behind in the snow. Care should be taken, since approximately half of the staging area is not covered in snow.
  • She will turn visible again when her Poise is broken. If Priscilla is hit with any Pyromancies or fire dealing weapons, she will re-appear more quickly. Also, if the player successfully hits her with an arrow or a Throwing Knife, they will stick to her body for a while, revealing her position.
  • Priscilla's attacks can inflict Bleed at an alarming rate. It is advisable to equip items that reduce bleeding status and have plenty of Bloodred Moss Clumps ready.
    • The Bloodbite Ring is especially effective for reducing any Bleed buildup inflicted upon damage.
  • Players should re-position themselves when Crossbreed Priscilla strafes the player in an attempt to flank them. Players or summons that have aggroed Crossbreed Priscilla and turn their back on her while trying to gain some distance can get easily stun-locked by her combo attacks and will certainly die if the Bleed meter is filled.
  • Once you initiate the fight, if you lock on while she's turning invisible, your targeting reticle will briefly follow her when she jumps away from the spot she turns invisible. This can grant you an opportunity to turn her visible quickly, provided you can stagger her in one shot (such as with a powerful Great Combustion).
  • A common problem players have while looking to cut off Priscilla's tail is that they may already be too strong, her before they can break her poise.
    • A simple workaround consists in attacking her with arrows. After about three or four successful hits, Priscilla will turn visible again. Additionally, those arrows that have connected will stick to her body, giving away her position and making it easier to connect more hits.
    • An alternate method consists in using the Dragonslayer Greatbow, which guarantees staggering Priscilla and turn her visible with just one hit, even if the player doesn't have the required stats to wield the weapon properly.

Boss information[]


Single Slash[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Status Parryable Tracking Speed
360 0 0 0 Slash Bleed: 80% No Both Medium

This is a single attack that has good forward range and tracks quite well to both sides. While it is fairly damaging, it can be blocked but not parried. This attack also causes Bleed upon hitting or being blocked.

Double Slash[]

[note 1]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Status Parryable Tracking Speed
490 0 0 0 Slash Bleed: 80% No Neither Medium

Virtually the same as the Single Slash, but with two slashes instead, once from right to left and then left to right. There is a large gap between attacks, and can also track the player.

Fairy Dust[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Status Parryable Tracking Speed
0 432 0 0 Normal None No Both Medium

After a short delay, Priscilla blows a concentrated cloud of blue particles directly in front of her or in a sweeping motion. The resulting cloud lingers for a few seconds afterward. This attack deals a large amount of damage and is difficult to block.


Priscilla turns invisible, whilst still being able to attack the player. Leaves large footprints in the snow.


Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Regular Defense Strike Defense Slash Defense Thrust Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Lightning Defense Poison Toxic Bleed
324 324 324 324 225 195 195 A A C

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Item Boss Soul
Soul of Priscilla
Wpn Priscilla's Dagger
Priscilla's Dagger
Drop Rate Guaranteed Sever Tail



  • If she is hostile to the player, attempting to leave by jumping off the ledge will result in death instead of exiting the Painted World. The only two ways to leave the world if she is hostile is to kill her, as it is impossible to warp out of the Painted World with the Lordvessel or to not have used the bonfire in the Painted World, so that the player can warp out with the use of the Homeward Miracle or a Homeward Bone. However, Homeward and Homeward Bones can only be used to exit the Painted World if it was entered by warping with the Lordvessel, as using either after entering through the painting sends the player to the bridge at the start of the area.
  • Priscilla cannot be attacked while in her vanishing animation. This should be taken in consideration by players looking to cut off her tail.
  • Having sins absolved by Oswald of Carim will return her to neutral, enabling the player to cut her tail, but keeping the Painted World as a place for invasions if desired.
  • The visual effect of Poison or Toxic can be used to track Priscilla when she's invisible. Striking her with Lightning weapons will also produce a visual effect indicating her location.
  • A Dark Souls III character named Yorshka resembles Priscilla in her general appearance, her draconic features, and her voice. She also shares Priscilla's associations with snow, incarceration, Anor Londo, and the Darkmoon covenant. Yorshka is friendly to the player and incapable of combat.




Dark Souls — Crossbreed Priscilla by Motoi Sakuraba



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