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For the Dark Souls variant, see Covetous Gold Serpent Ring.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (Dark Souls III).

The Covetous Gold Serpent Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A gold ring depicting the snake, both the servant and manifestation of the god of desire, Zinder.
Greed is traditionally viewed as a vice, but only a coward sees every chance as something to fear.

General information[]

It serves the same purpose as its Dark Souls counterpart; while wearing this ring, players have an increased chance to acquire rare items from defeated enemies. It is extremely useful against enemies with a high drop rate, but is useless against bosses, who have a fixed drop rate of specific items.


The regular ring can be found on a corpse on a lava filled cauldron hanging in the giant circular room in the Iron Keep. In order to get to it, the player must climb the ladder located in the platform room adjacent to Belfry Sol and climb another ladder to reach the top of the keep and then drop down some giant metal beams to reach the cauldron.

Magerold of Lanafir will gift a +1 variant of this item to the player after spending over 16,000 souls in his shop and then exhausting his dialogue, or by simply killing him.

The +2 variation can be obtained from the Belfry Gargoyles in NG+ or in NG with the use of a Bonfire Ascetic at the Upper Ramparts bonfire, a Chaos Storm with a maxed Pyromancy Flame will make short work of them, even in NG+.

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