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The Court Sorcerer is an enemy character in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

There are many sorcerers who claim heirship to the great sage "Big Hat" Logan, going so far as to emulate him with copies of the staff he used, and the Profaned Capital houses one of two leading schools.[1][2]


An aggressive spellcaster wearing the Court Sorcerer Set and wielding both a great hammer and a staff. He constantly switches between casting powerful sorceries and melee combat throughout the fight.



Found in the Profaned Capital. Awaits on the roof of the ruined chapel in the toxic swamp.


The Court Sorcerer is a very aggressive opponent. He awaits on the roof of the ruined chapel in the Profaned Capital. Due to the area's layout, he will most likely approach from the rear while the player is making their way upstairs; this usually gives him the opportunity to start the battle by casting one of his sorceries. His repertoire includes variations of Soul Spear, Soul Greatsword, and Homing Soulmass.

He also comes armed with a Gargoyle Flame Hammer and will quickly switch between casting spells and this weapon, frequently holding it with both hands for increased damage. His melee attacks are very similar to that of Havel's, and thus he is often vulnerable after finishing a combo. Care must be taken, though, as he can quickly inflict a considerable amount of damage in return; more so if the player is taken off-balance due to the different tactics used for dealing with a sorcerer and a warrior.

Fortunately, he is not very resilient and is staggered easily, which allows the player to deal many consecutive hits.


Item Logan's Scroll
Logan's Scroll
Drop Rate Guaranteed


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