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Corvian Storytellers are enemies in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

The storytellers, too, are wretched beings with no place to go. Their bodies, souls, and even their staves are all tainted through and through.[1]


Tall avian humanoids that act as shamans for the lesser Corvians. Storytellers use poison spells in combat and are capable of riling up their pack members to make them more aggressive. They are always accompanied by several Corvians.


  • Road of Sacrifices - Two storytellers can be found between the Road of Sacrifices and Halfway Fortress bonfires:
    • The first one can be approached by hiding along a side path on the left.
    • The second one stands on a ledge at the other side of a bridge, with a large number of Corvians scattered about. Additionally, it can also alert more of them to come out from a small cave above.
  • Farron Keep
    • A storyteller stands at the top of the path on the left, shortly after going through the main gate in the poisonous swamp. A group of Corvians congregate below, although they will become practically harmless if the storyteller is dealt with first.
  • Untended Graves
  • Grand Archives
    • Found shortly after exiting the main library area, on a floor below.


Although physically imposing, Storytellers have little vitality and offer little in the way of physical offense. From a distance, they will summon poison clouds to prevent the player from reaching them, but there is a long delay before they can cast the spell and they are easily staggered out of it.

Storytellers will alert any nearby Corvians once they spot the player, which will cause them to begin transforming into their berserk state. It is recommended to eliminate this enemy swiftly before it can draw attention.


Item Hollow Gem
Hollow Gem
Blessed Gem
Blessed Gem
Storyteller's Staff
Storyteller's Staff
Drop Rate ??? ???
(Farron Keep,
Grand Archives)


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