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Corvians are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Hunchbacked, foul medium-sized creatures, hybrids between a hollow and a crow, and armed with either a dagger or a scythe. Corvians initially stand on their posts and barely attack or move from place until approached. When this happens, however, they will begin a brief transformation in which two pairs of wings extrude from their backs, one at a time. When they finish, they will become extremely aggressive, being able to chase the player for long distances. They will also gain the ability to fly in short bursts and attack with a rapid barrage of claw-swipes with their legs.

In some cases, a group of corvians can be found congregated around a Corvian Storyteller. If the storyteller spots the player, it will unleash a shivering shriek that will alert the rest of the flock, making all corvians in the vicinity begin their transformations and then rush toward the player in unison.



Corvians are almost completely vulnerable before starting their transformation. However, if they have already started it and are attacked, the transformation will complete immediately, rendering them able to retaliate. They stagger easily, though, and fast weapons like straight swords should leave them with no opportunity to counterattack. If a heavy weapon is used, the player should make sure that the corvian will die in one or two hits.

It is not advisable to engage more than one of these creatures at a time due to the constant damage output they can deal and their quick recovery times. If they are found congregated in front of a storyteller, either the latter should be dealt first or each corvian should be drawn in individually with ranged attacks. In some cases, if the storyteller dies, all remaining corvians will become completely oblivious to the player, making for easy kills.


Item Shriving Stone
Shriving Stone
Corvian Greatknife
Corvian Greatknife
Great Corvian Scythe
Great Corvian Scythe
Drop Rate ??? ???
(dagger wielders)
(reaper wielders)




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