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DS1 promotional screenshot (Taurus Demon co-op)

Two players fighting the Taurus Demon cooperatively

For this feature in Dark Souls II, see Cooperative Gameplay (Dark Souls II).
"Smooth summoning out there? Anytime you see my brilliantly shining signature, do not hesitate to call upon me."
Solaire of Astora

Cooperative Gameplay (co-op for short) is a multiplayer online feature for players to help each other. In order to summon players in jolly cooperation, one must have reversed their hollowing at a bonfire, however you can still be summoned even if you are hollowed.. To have other players join a host's world, the hosting player must first summon potential co-op partners from summon signs on the ground.

Summoning Classifications[]

Normal Summons[]

Players using the White Sign Soapstone can be summoned and earn humanity when the area boss is killed. Their summon signs have black text with a white outline.

Warriors of Sunlight[]

Sunlight summons are players and NPCs who are in the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. Beating the area boss with a summoned Warrior of Sunlight present earns all players a Sunlight Medal. Their summon sign has black text with a vibrant orange, golden outline.

NPC Summons[]

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NPC summons are non-player characters that can help the player during their battles. They have white or golden soapstone summon signs. A few examples are: Solaire of Astora, and Black Iron Tarkus.


  • Players can only summon other players within 10% difference of their current SL in addition to 10 levels. It is also possible to summon players to and from different states of New Game Plus or regular New Game. This will have no effect on the summoning.
  • Once the process of being summoned is initiated, it cannot be interrupted, with the exception of dying or exiting the game.