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Consumed kings garden

The Consumed King's Garden is an optional location in Dark Souls III.


The Consumed King's Garden is accessible as soon as Dancer of the Boreal Valley is defeated. It is first accessed by an elevator guarded by a Consumed King's Knight. It consists of a lower swamp-like area where most of the ground is covered with Toxic-inflicting sludge, where Pus of Man roam, and a higher, stone-paved area where Consumed King's Knights stand guard.

The Garden is first accessed through an elevator guarded by a mace-wielding knight. You can drop down to an intermediate floor while going down to avoid having to traverse the toxic sludge and loot an Estus Shard and a Titanite Chunk.

A large stone platform is raised above the swamp where another mace-wielding knight stands guard, and below this are corpses carrying the Shadow Set, the Claws, three Black Firebombs and some Human Pine Resins. Some non-threatening Rotten Slugs also lurk here.

At the halfway point of the garden, Hawkwood's summon sign can be found, and to the right is an elevator leading to a shortcut. This elevator also has an intermediate floor that can be dropped down on, leading to the Dragonscale Ring and allowing you to kill the Lothric Priest that overlooks the knights in front of the door to Oceiros, the Consumed King.

Beyond Oceiros, there are chambers with dead Man Serpents, with one still alive. Here, two Titanite Scales can be looted from chests, the "Path of the Dragon" gesture can be obtained, and an illusory wall at the back hides the entrance to the Untended Graves.

Adjacent locations[]


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The Consumed King's Garden is a subsection of the High Wall of Lothric and comprises the following bonfire:







* Appears after defeating the first Drakeblood Knight at Archdragon Peak.
** Obtained after defeating the Consumed King's Knight at the end of the garden.