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Coal Tars, also known as Darksuckers, is an enemy in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Ambush predators living in the tar pits of Black Gulch.
These mysterious invertebrates wait for prey to pass within striking distance and then burst out to attack,
using fingerlike appendages to immobilize the victim while grinding it apart with hideous chewing mouthparts.[1]


Coal Tars are found exclusively in the Gutter (Scholar of the First Sin only) and the Black Gulch, hiding inside of the tar pits scattered throughout the area.


Giant black worms that dwell only in tar pits. These faceless, vermicular monsters ambush their prey by lunging from these pits to grab victims with their finger-like appendages and bite down with fanged maws.


  • The tar pits themselves can be lit alight with any fire attack, such as modified or enchanted weapons, firebombs, fire arrows or pyromancies. This will kill the Coal Tar slowly, as long as they are still in their pit, as well as set it ablaze. However, not every tar pit holds a Coal Tar and the fire will burn for a while or until a bonfire is reached.
  • A sufficiently powerful fire weapon strong attack that hits low enough (e.g. +10 Fire Zweihander's one-hand strong attack) landing just as the Coal Tar stirs, should stagger it and set it ablaze, killing it before it can even leave the pit.
  • After their initial grab attack, they will subsequently pursue the player. Coal Tars have comparatively little health and are easily dispatched as long as their attacks do not land.
  • One can distinguish which tar pits have Coal Tars in them, as they are never entirely submerged and their tendrils are barely visible.


Lunge: The Coal Tar will lunge out of the pit. If the player is caught by this attack, the Coal Tar will clutch them in its tendrils, then lift them into the air before chewing on them. This is only done if the Coal Tar is still hiding in its tar pit. This attack is classified as a grab and isn't blockable.

Charge: At a distance, the Coal Tar will charge the player in an attempt to close the distance and knock them down.

Spin: The Coal Tar will spin a circle in an attempt to lash the player with its tail.

Grab: The coal tar will reach back and lunge forward in an attempt to grab the player, dealing high damage that will likely kill low level players.


Item Large Titanite Shard
Large Titanite Shard
Titanite Chunk
Titanite Chunk
Drop Rate 10% 5%



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