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For the Dark Souls III equivalent, see Sage Ring.

The Clear Bluestone Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A ring that belonged to Fiorenza, the only truly moneyed merchant in Volgen.
Shortens spell casting time.
Fiorenza used his riches to buy up trinkets of luxury and rare collectibles, but was ruined after years of excessive debauchery.


  • The regular Clear Bluestone Ring is available for purchase from Carhillion of the Fold for 2,000 souls.
  • The +1 version is found in a metal chest in the foggy part of the Shaded Woods.
    • It is found by heading very far diagonally to the right upon entering the mist. Alternatively, keep close to the wall on the right until you reach the chest with the Old Sun Ring and then head straight left and it should be by the second tree with a face you encounter.
  • The +2 version is obtained after defeating the Skeleton Lords in NG+.
  • In SotFS, the +2 version is also a rare drop from Armorer Dennis, who invades the player in the Forest of Fallen Giants and the Iron Keep.



Dark Souls 2 Clear Bluestone Ring 1 Location

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