For the Dark Souls variant, see Cloranthy Ring.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Chloranthy Ring.

The Chloranthy Ring is a ring in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

This old ring is named for its decorative green blossom,
but its luster is long since faded.
Raises stamina recovery speed.


  • Chloranthy Ring
    • Found at the bottom of a tower in the Undead Settlement. Jump off the lift that leads to the Road of Sacrifices while riding its upper part and onto a wooden scaffolding, then follow the only path available, fighting a Demon with Siegward along the way. Once reaching the rooftop of the next house, jump toward a nearby tower and enter it. Make way to the bottom and the ring can be found behind some wooden crates, near to the Mirrah Set.
  • Chloranthy Ring+1 (NG+)
  • Chloranthy Ring+2 (NG++)
  • Chloranthy Ring+3
    • Found in the Ringed City, being held by the statue of Gwyn before the Church of Filianore. On the elevator that leads up to the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire, there is a secret path that eventually leads to a drop-down to the statue.


  • Chloranthy Ring: Increases stamina regeneration speed by 7 points per second.
  • Chloranthy Ring+1: Increases stamina regeneration speed by 8 points per second.
  • Chloranthy Ring+2: Increases stamina regeneration speed by 9 points per second.
  • Chloranthy Ring+3: Increases stamina regeneration speed by 10 points per second.
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