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Charcoal Pine Bundles are consumable items in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A small bundle of charcoal pine resin.
Quickly applies fire to right-hand weapons.
Does not last for long, but can be used in inventive ways, such as applying it in the middle of a series of blows.



Quickly applies 110 Fire damage to right-hand weapon. Buff lasts for 11 seconds.


Unlike resins, which require the user to remain stationary while applying the buff, bundles take less than a second to activate and can be used while moving. While they grant more damage than their respective resins and many more bundles can be carried at once, the trade-off is that the duration of the buff is reduced to less than 20% of that of a resin.

The quick application time, high stock and low duration of these items makes them very flexible tools, useful for applying in the midst of combat based on the situation. Whereas a resin may find a large fraction of its duration wasted from inactivity between attacks, a bundle may be quickly activated when an opportunity to deal damage presents itself, and the advantage pressed until the buff expires. This includes, in particular, the short duration of vulnerability between parrying a foe and taking the riposte.

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