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The Chaos Servant (混沌の従者) is a covenant in Dark Souls. Chaos Servants dedicate themselves to the Fair Lady and provide her with humanity.


The player must not have killed Quelaag's Sister.

How to join[]

After defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag, reach the circular room beneath the Bell of Awakening where there are cobwebs lining eggs on the sides. The wall to the right is illusory. Inside, there will be an egg-infected man named Eingyi. The player must answer "Yes" to his question in order for him to move. If the player has answered "No", quitting and reloading will prompt Eingyi to pose his question again. The player may also kill him and join without repercussion. However, this will cost the player his services. Talking to Quelaag's Sister will give the option to join the covenant.


Humanities are offered to Quelaag's Sister to gain ranks in the Chaos Servant Covenant.

Rank Humanity Offered Rewards
- 0 Great Chaos Fireball
+1 10 Nothing
+2 30

Chaos Storm
Shortcut to Lost Izalith
(The shortcut will remain open even if the player leaves the covenant).

+3 80 Nothing

Notable members[]


  • Eingyi will sell a Servant Roster to the player which can keep track of the amount of humanity other Chaos Servants have donated.
  • If the player becomes infected with eggs by an Egg Burdened, Eingyi will also sell the player the Poison Mist and Toxic Mist pyromancies.
  • If the player wears the Old Witch's Ring, they become able to understand Quelaag's Sister.
  • If the player gives all 80 Humanity points to Quelaag's Sister in one sitting, they will acquire the pyromancy spells associated with increased rank, but the shortcut to Lost Izalith will not open and the strength of Quelaag's Sister's voice will not increase past the level associated with rank 1 (she will also not say the dialogue lines for each rank, only repeat the line for reaching the first rank over and over).
  • It is important to note that to access the Lost Izalith shortcut, players must be in that covenant when activating it.