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For the Dark Souls variant, see Catarina Set.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Catarina Set (Dark Souls II).

The Catarina Set is a heavy armor set in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Distinctively shaped armor worn by the Knights of Catarina.
Often ridiculed for its onion-like shape, infuriating the country's proud knights, but the masterfully forged curved design makes it very effective for deflecting blows.


Only one set is available per playthrough.

  • Siegward of Catarina
    • Dropped by Siegward upon his death by any cause.
    • Found in Yhorm the Giant's arena upon the completion of Siegward's questline.
  • Unbreakable Patches, after he has stolen the armor from Siegward
    • Purchased from Patches for a total of 15,000 souls. He will sell the set once he is met as a merchant and the double doors on the second level of the Cathedral of the Deep (past the elevator near the Deacons of the Deep) have been opened.
    • Dropped by Patches upon death, if it has not been purchased from him.


One of the heaviest armor sets available to the player, the Catarina Set provides stout defenses across the board.

The set boasts extreme resistance to physical damage, with even its weakness to Strike damage being quite immense. It offers very good resistance to elemental damage, and unlike other heavy sets in the game is actually most resistant to Lightning damage, which is a very powerful asset that few other armor sets possess. Its resistance to status effects is very high across the board as well, being particularly resistant to Bleed; its weakness to Curse is not a major issue, as there are very few sources of that status effect in the game.

But most importantly of all, it provides immense Poise, which grants it extreme resistance to stagger during Hyper Armor frames with almost any weapon capable of trading.

Set pieces[]

Armor Piece Physical Absorption Elemental Absorption Resistances Weight Poise
Physical Absorption Strike Absorption Slash Absorption Thrust Absorption Magic Absorption Fire Absorption Lightning Absorption Dark Absorption Poison Resist Bleed Resist Frost Resist Curse Resist Weight Poise
Catarina Helm (DSIII)
Catarina Helm
6.8 5.0 6.8 6.3 4.5 4.9 5.7 5.1 34 27 27 17 7.3 8.6
Catarina Armor (DSIII)
Catarina Armor
18.3 13.9 18.5 17.5 11.9 12.9 15.0 13.3 74 57 57 33 17.1 23.8
Catarina Gauntlets (DSIII)
Catarina Gauntlets
4.8 3.7 4.9 4.8 3.1 3.3 3.9 3.4 29 22 22 14 5.7 5.3
Catarina Leggings (DSIII)
Catarina Leggings
10.6 8.3 10.9 10.6 6.3 6.7 8.0 6.9 47 35 35 21 10.6 14.8
35.194 27.769 35.638 34.209 23.609 25.268 29.133 26.003 184 141 141 85 40.7 43.81