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Catarina is a mentioned location in Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls III.


Catarina is a land known for festivity[1], drinks[1] and the jovial features[1] of its people. Catarina's knights are proud and wear distinctively shaped armor[2]. Outside of the land, the knights are often ridiculed as their armor is compared to the shape of an onion, which is mentioned to infuriate them[2]. The shields used by "certain"[3] knights of Catarina are unable to parry, reason why the armor is shaped in a way to compensate that limitation.[2] In Northern Catarina, gray is a common color for an individual's hair and eyes.[4]

Of all the locations mentioned in the game, it is one of the few that isn't mentioned to be ravaged by the Curse of the Undead.

In Drangleic's time, old tales speak of brave Catarina knights wearing their characteristic onion-like armor as they rushed courageously into battle.[5]




  • Catarina is possibly modeled after the Germanic culture, as the names of all known inhabitants are derived from Germanic origin.


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