The Carthus Sand Worm is a miniboss in Dark Souls III.


One of the largest monsters in Lothric, the Carthus Sand Worm is enormous and covered in a rock-like shell. Despite its large size, it can move extremely quickly.

The sand worm is a formidable opponent, using a lightning beam to take out targets at a distance, while the protrusions on its shell are combined with its rapid movements to deal with melee attackers.


At the Smouldering Lake, guarding the approach to the Old Demon King. It is initially burrowed, but appears as the player enters the area.


At some point, the sand worm attacked the desert kingdom of Carthus, but was repelled by the grave wardens. It then dominated the Smouldering Lake, which became its new home.[1]


The ballista tower will cover the area around the sand worm and can damage it if the player stands behind a small outcropping of rocks located in front and to the left of the entrance to the Old Demon King's boss arena. Neither the worm or the ballista will damage the player there, and given enough time, the arrows will strike the worm as it writhes around trying to reach the player.

The items dropped by the sand worm, Lightning Stake and an Undead Bone Shard, will be automatically added to the player's inventory once it dies.


Item Undead Bone Shard
Undead Bone Shard
Lightning Stake
Lightning Stake
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed


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