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Carim (カリム) is a mentioned location in Dark Souls and a mentioned location in Dark Souls III.


Dark Souls[]

People from Carim usually are of a very pale complexion and commonly have dark blue eyes and hair[1]. The knights of Carim are famous for fighting without a shield, in preference to using Parrying Daggers equipped in their left hands[2].

One of the most influential figures, creator of multiple artifacts, is Sir Arstor. He was the "Earl of Carim"[3], thus implying an important role in the country's governance and was known by the title "Impaler"[4] and that created the weapons known as Shotels[3]. Arstor also experimented on humans[5] and managed to create Purging Stones capable of absorbing curses and breaking their influence, as human beings are helpless against curses and can only deflect their effects, and which became one of Arstor's treasures[5]. With a similar system[6] he created Cursebite Rings capable of preventing curses, Bloodbite Rings capable of preventing bleeding and Poisonbite Rings capable of preventing poison, all rings about which dreadful rumors circulate surrounding their creations[7].

At least one of the priests of Velka, Goddess of Sin comes from Carim[8]. He wears a uniformly black attire[9] and wields an enchanted blade[10] both infused with the mystical power of Velka and his purpose is to listen to the confessions of humans that sinned against the gods, urging reflection but also offering salvation and pardoning them of their sins[11]. The pardoner seems to have no problem selling rings created from experiments on humans or through the sacrifical rites in the name of his goddess[12].

Dark Souls III[]

Over time the region of Carim became a land of clerics and miracles and took on greater and greater importance in the Way of White, to the point that the local religious leader obtained the title of "Archbishop"[13]. In Carim the Way of White had great cultural growth, resuming not only training maidens and missions in distant lands[14] but even Firekeepers who could support the tradition of Linking of the First Flame[15]. Thus the study and reading of the ancient legends from the sacred books by the widely recognized saints continued[16]. Furthermore, the faith placed in the words of the blind became important, to the point of producing Braille tomes filled with advanced miracles[17].

At some point the knight Morne arrived in Carim and became the Apostle of the Archbishop and together they labored to bring comfort to the suffering[18] Morne introduced Carim to Caitha, Goddess of Tears, his goddess whom he had served with dedication, spreading her healing miracles and her cult[19]. Over time Morne's influence grew to such an extent that Carim's cathedral was decorated with lined stone heads modeled on his helm and knights who demonstrated the most strength and faith were bestowed with replicas of his armor and hammer[20]. The story of how he had served Caitha also became of inspiration for the knights of Carim that would dedicate their entire career to attend a single maiden[21].

However, the clerics of Carim also began to freely devote themselves to the creation of ancient forbidden rings[22] and to use chimes that drawn upon the intelligence of the user together with their faith to cast miracles that lean towards the Dark, whose existence is concelead in the name of the Archbishop of Carim for they are anathema[23], implying that the goddess leaves a lot of freedom for her clerics to investigate the Dark.




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