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Carhillion of the Fold
"Sorcery is yet a mystery, even to me. Let us mature together, young pupil."
— Carhillion of the Fold

Carhillion of the Fold is a character in Dark Souls II. He is voiced by James Greene.


Carhillion is found in No-man's Wharf, on a dock close to the ship where the Flexile Sentry is fought. After the player has talked to him and defeated the Flexile Sentry, he will move to Majula.

Carhillion can be summoned to fight against the Fume Knight in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC.


Carhillion of the Fold is the earliest sorcery trainer that can be found in the game. He will only speak to the player if they have an Intelligence of at least eight. As with all stat-related dialogue, the player's base Intelligence must reach this number. Using items to boost Intelligence to eight will not work.

Aside from teaching some spells to the player, Carhillion can also reinforce the Pyromancy Flame at the cost of one Fire Seed per level, along with some souls. After reaching 30 Intelligence, he will gift the player the Northern Ritual Band +1. Carhillion also drops the ring when killed.


Carhillion is an expert sorcerer and pyromancer from the land of Melfia, where he was a renowned teacher in the famous Melfian Magic Academy. However he grew tired of his colleagues and their pointless discussions, and thus sought out Drangleic to hone his knowledge of sorceries and pyromancy. Rosabeth of Melfia is his apprentice and travel companion.

Character information[]


Amber Herb
Amber Herb  ×10
Twilight Herb
Twilight Herb  ×5
Simpleton's Spice
Simpleton's Spice  ×1
Souls 1,600 2,400 13,000

Great Soul Arrow
Great Soul Arrow  ×1*
Great Heavy Soul Arrow
Great Heavy Soul Arrow  ×1*
Heavy Soul Arrow
Heavy Soul Arrow  ×1*
Magic Weapon
Magic Weapon  ×1*
Shockwave  ×1*
Souls 3,000 4,500 2,000 2,000 1,800
Soul Arrow
Soul Arrow  ×1*
Soul Spear Barrage
Soul Spear Barrage  ×1*
Sorc Aural Decoy
Yearn  ×1*
Souls 1,500 2,600 3,000
*Stock becomes infinite after clearing Shrine of Winter


Item Northern Ritual Band +1
Northern Ritual Band +1
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Health and souls[]

Health Souls
1,510 3,624 3,250 6,500