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The Cage Key is a key in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Key to the hanging cage in Sen's Fortress.
If a hapless adventurer becomes fatigued during an imprudent attempt to overcome the fortress, the serpent men will not kill him, but lock him up in a lonely cage. Eventually, unless they have forgotten, they drag the victim off to who-knows-where.


At the bottom of the tower where the Crestfallen Merchant is, guarded by a Serpent Mage.

General Information[]

The Cage key can open several cages in Sen's Fortress:

  • The cage that Big Hat Logan is locked in.
  • A cage that contains a Soul of a Hero in the same area that Big Hat Logan is in.
  • The cage that can be used as an elevator to move through Sen's Fortress.

The Master Key can open every openable cage, except the Cage Elevator.