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Brightstone Cove Tseldora is a location in Dark Souls II.


Brightstone Cove Tseldora was once a mining town, but became overrun with spiders.

Adjacent locationsEdit


  • Royal Army Campsite: After arriving in Brightstone Cove, from the Doors of Pharros, this bonfire is in the tent just beyond the tent closest to where you entered the area.
  • Chapel Threshold: After defeating the Prowling Magus, this bonfire will be inside the rock formation, just outside the chapel.
  • Lower Brightstone Cove: From the Chapel Threshold, enter the township of Brightstone Cove straight ahead. Drop off the ledge to the right after going down the steps that come after the bonfire; when you see the first mage immediately turn right outside, drop down and enter the subsequent hallway. Cross the small room with the hole in the floor, and use the ladder to descend to the ground level. The bonfire will be in plain view, upon reaching the ground. The door just beyond must be opened from inside.








  • The lower bonfire provides a route to the second section of the area, as you reach the second section you drop down into a room with a skeleton corpse, an item and a large sand mound covering most of the room. This mound can be used to jump off and land back onto the path (first section). This will save the use of 10+ homeward bones when soul farming.