Bradley of the Old Guard is a summon in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.


Bradley is equipped with the full Alva Set and fights with a Heide Spear and a Disc Chime. He can also heal himself up with Estus.


Bradley relies on a variety of miracles in battle: he'll apply Sunlight Blade on his spear when engaging a strong enemy or a horde of mobs, if surrounded he'll use Force and Emit Force to take down enemies from the distance. Although uncommon, he may also use Heavenly Thunder against bosses.

When not in combat, if the player is wounded, he'll use the "I won't bite" gesture to beckon the player and cast Heal.

His high HP and defense paired with the ability to use up to ten Estus and regenerate both his and the player's health infinitely makes him one of the most valuable summon in the game.

In No-man's Wharf he might kill himself if he targets and attempts to attack a Varangian Sailor that is hanging from the docks.


Bradley of the Old Guard can be summoned at the following locations:

His summon sign is found in the first area, next to the first hollow using fire arrows on the docks.

His summon sign will appear between the two ruined towers leading up to Scorpioness Najka after all the Forest Guardians past the Shaded Ruins bonfire are defeated.

His summon sign will be located before the Throne Watcher and Defender boss fight, if Aldia is available as the final boss.



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