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The Book of the Guilty is an online play item in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Online play item. Check list of indicted players.
The Goddess of Sin Velka oversees this list of the guilty, who have disrespected the Gods or their covenants, and shall one day face the wrath of the Blades of the Darkmoon.


The Book of the Guilty can be acquired from Oswald of Carim after ringing the first Bell of Awakening. The player can either buy it from him for 1,000 souls, or kill him to get it as a drop.

General information[]

The Book of the Guilty's only purpose is to check the list of players in a ranking system indicating another's level of Indictment. The player can also see his/her own position in the "rank" amongst other sinners.


If looking at your own character, it will be the character you set "Join Leaderboard" to "ON" on.